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XJ, ZJ, WJ, which one?


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May 29, 2020
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We are looking at adding another Jeep to family. We have had early XJs and a WJ before. What are the problems we should be looking for? We are looking for stock to built. So far the build plan is 35s while still keeping it comfortable for longer trips. Would prefer the V8 options in the WJ and ZJ but aren't opposed to the 4.0L in the right vehicle. Right now tops $5000 for the right one, and the longer we wait the more we could spend for the perfect vehicle. This weekend we are going to look at several options.
I've owned two XJs, 1994 and 2001, and a friend of mine had a 2000 WJ. The only issues I had were really with the 94, which was the radiator and passenger side rear floorboards. From my understanding, the floorboard issue is known and due to the close proximity of the catalytic converters. And the issue with the radiator was fins crumbled, latterally.

For the 2000 WJ, there was an electronic part that to replace properly required removal of the front bumper. But searching the internet reveled that you could remove one of the headlights to punch a hole under it for access, which is what I did to replace it. I just can't remember what the part was that required this.

Just my 2 cents for this, so good luck.
The fan relay is under the right headlight, cutting the hole is the way to do it, and it will get more air for better cooling, too.

If you get a 4.0l WJ, add in the mechanical fan and fan clutch if it doesn't have the tow package, it will save the engine from overheating if/when that fan relay goes out.
Thanks for the tips and keep them coming. We are going to look at a few this weekend; 98 limited ZJ w/5.9, 2004 WJ with 4.7, 2003 WJ mild lift and 4.0.

Seems like a lot of the lifted ones use Rough Country long arms lifts but I've always been afraid of anything from RC. I'm spoiled with MetalCloak lift on JK and think I'm only going to be happy with a quality LA lift on these other platforms.
We officially own a shitbox again!
It needs some work but will be fun and I'll improve stuff as we break things.
I'm definitely looking at replacing any remaining RC joint or Clevite joint and maybe just go with aluminum links.


Rough County 4.5” long arm lift
Currie Johnny joints in all arms
Currie HD steering
Currie Jeep speed track bar
Iron man steering gear brace
231 t case swap with SYE
Ford 8.8 axle swap rear
Full frame stiffeners
2x6 rock sliders
Winch not included
Stubby rear bumper
Corbeau front seats
Odyssey battery
17” pro comp bead locks
35” Nitto trails grapplers
New radiator, water pump, thermostat, plugs, wires, cap, intake manifolds.
She will drive down the highway fine it’s been a daily for a while but if you step out of a Honda into this it will scare you. Needs a few things to be more “comfortable” but if you just want to have a good base for a build or just looking for a good all rounder she’s not bad. Clean title
Good platform to start with for sure. Looks like it has some decent goodies and will be fun as it is.... for now.
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