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Wiring question


Jul 1, 2020
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I have a question for the old metal guys. We had to replace the turn signal switch in my sons 75 Power Wagon but now in having trouble getting the contacts to line up right. There are 4 brass terminals and 4 wire contacts that have to hit in a specific order for each function (brakes, hazzard, turn signals. I can get the brakes and hazards working, but not turn signals. Does anyone have a diagram of this switch? I have a nice wiring diagram for the truck, but it doesn't include this switch
Did you take the switch apart for some reason? It's usually an assembly that you just replace the whole thing, wires and all. That is probably why you won't find a wiring diagram for one.
Yeah I ordered just the turn signal cam, but it clearly would have been better to get the whole switch. I found one today and ordered it lol
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