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who will not move over to the new dark side?

I guess it depends on how long they have the old site down. I don't see any reason why everyone won't move over though. they are gonna screw it up good.
Was there for 16 years hard to stop unless it stops being or it changes so much its not comfortable.

Not having control of what I created for that sites use while I approve of it ticks me off.

Not suggesting that my content was majority valuable but I do consider it my intellectual property and not being able to edit or totally delete is theft of my intellectual property.

With this in mind I will not contribute further there.
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i think frank, Beat95YJ he got defensive when there was talk about a new site.

i could be wrong

I kinda got that feeling too.

I'm supposed to send him a pair of free FOA coilovers to experiment with. If he doesn't post up over here soon they may come with a "join Irate4x4 or no shocks" stipulation. :laughing:

Greg. Please let Greg not make the jump.

I hope the legend does, i always liked his threads and wished people would have given him a little less crap so he would have kept making them.
Ignore button, ignore button, my kingdom for an ignore button!
In. I had to slightly modify my username, but know one cares. :flipoff2:
Is there a non-ghey non-mobile version? This isnt any better format what the Canadians are going to offer.
I lurked on pirate for 14 years and watched the decay. I'll give this shithole a go, because, fuck facebook. Is Gen4x4 still going to be the buggy section??