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Tj or lj soft top on cj or yj


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May 19, 2020
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Here’s my little thread on how I put an lj top on cj/yj tub and windshield frame. Most of the pictures are dead on the other forums.

Dimension from the front of the tub where a flat dash would bolt too to center line of pivot point ended up being 41.5”. From top of the tub to center of that pivot point is 11.25”

The post that door surrounds has that stabs into the tub is 36” off same point at front of the tub. On my yj tub I already had this hole.

Here’s the part numbers to lj belt rails that are now discontinued.

Pn#s 56052 375AA left

56052 374AA right

sorry pictures are burry but hopefully you get the idea.


The slots I made in windshield frame are 1.5” wide 1.25” down from top of windshield frame. Mine are 3/8” wide. Each slot is 16” to center on each side from center line of the windshield frame.

I also had to radius the corners of the frame and weld the two halves back together.

The spreader between A pillar needs to be back 4-4.5” to exercise the clamps.

The bar that supports the door surrounds on the roll cage is 40.5” From bottom of door opening to the top of the bar. I used this measure to as I’m not sure if cj or yj tubs are different at the floor. The outside to outside of these is 49.5” when looking down on top of the rollcage basically the outside width of the rollcage.




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