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The other heavy metal music.


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Jun 7, 2020
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Dogwood, MO.
Eh, why not? My taste in music is broader than anyone else's that I know of, but metal moves me. Curious what you guys got that I may not. Stuff on par with what I'll be posting.

Back in my grade school days, I grew up with Sabbath, Priest, Zepplin, etc. Always tinkered with electronics which led to me building stereo systems that blew my friends away well before the sixth grade. Some time in that mix, Metallica and Megadeth graced my ears, and then it was on. I searched high and low for heavier and heavier metal.

To date, I think what I seek the most lands in the death thrash core industrial djent doom sludge something or other. Typically listening for polyrhythms. Here it goes.

Lattermath - Trench
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I liked Meshuggah years ago when their weird timing changes was something fairly new. I haven't listened to them in years though.

These days I listen to mainly Folk Metal or Melodic Death Metal.
Indeed, Gojira. I love tapping along to this intro rhythm and tripping people out.

The Art of Dying
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I'm not into industrial metal, thrash metal, or death metal. To each their own. Heavy Metal works for me, among other things.
Totally understand those that don't dig what I'm in to. I've received some rather nasty comments from people of all ages over my taste in music since my childhood, so I quickly realized that my mind was in a darker place than many. All in all, I have a mood and interest in just about anything. For whatever reason, the heavier stuff always cheered me up and put me in my most creative head spaces, hence I saw it worthwhile to see what others here might bring up.
Gojira's Born In Winter is one of my favorite songs.


I need to pay attention to how to embed the videos directly in posts rather than sending folks to YT where they have to skip ads.
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:laughing:I do not know the embed either.... trust me n the 5 seconds of ads are worth the sounds you'll hear though!

So true.

Just figured it out. Top left, click on the chain link icon next to the camera icon, copy url at bottom where "http://" is ghosted.
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