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Az Scooter

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May 19, 2020
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They say JK’s cant wheel. I beg to differ.
Every "jeep" built after the cj series stopped is in my eyes an yj

Yuppie jeep!:stirthepot:
Not to say they don't work....

Oh and my old junk
post that in the Willys photo thread, get out of this plastic thread :laughing:
It does look familiar

Nailed it. I love that trail. There are a couple of spots on that trail that smaller jeeps struggle, but a jku is just perfect to drive straight through. It freaks people out if they have never seen it happen before.
It does great behind the VA office in dirt fields. I've been parking here until I can get the parking poser ramp for the mall.

That was just me checking to see if shit rubbed.
That is a 14 inch coilover in the rear limited to 12 inches
The front coilover is limited to like 10 or 11 inches.

I seen your ordnance wings in the first picture. Marine MCAS New River.

Cool I see an ordy around from time to time.


Fucking awesome shit. I did 8 years up at Cherry point with 231. Did a gulf cruise in 91 with HMH-362 and a Med cruise with HMM-264 in 93.
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