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May 20, 2020
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Creedmoor, NC
Since the nostalgic people want to bring back what WAS Pirate...might as well bring back some tech that was relevant when Pirate started. Stealing some cues from the Back To Basics YJ Build, this one is going to be a relatively low, leaf sprung Jeep. Like that one, It is being put together with spare parts laying around and what came with it.

We all hear those stories of "yeah I'm gonna finish it someday" well here is one slowly getting finished. At least at this point all of the big parts are together and its going to start getting glued together in the next couple of months. No groundbreaking tech here, just another platform for people to heckle me on so I actually finish this someday project. Slow moving since I am doing it in the old farm shop 2 hours from where we live until its a heavy roller and I can bring it home for all the finish work.

Back story cliff notes:
Summer of '17 my father in law to be calls and asks if I want a CJ7 project the neighbor is giving him. An abandoned restoration project he thought he would get around to someday. I just say yeah of course rather than ask what I'm in for. It ends up being a 79 CJ7 in boxes and pieces. Bought originally from another old farmer who used to haul fertilizer and farm stuff around in it, the tub had rotted out and the frame was ok but thinning in the back around some mounts. Not much was really useable, and not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I put it on the back burner until I have the time to really put it together and minimize my hack rather than just booger it together. My father in law has always wanted an old CJ to bomb around the farm in and I wanted to build another mild trail rig so it just kind of worked out.

Lots of parts buying/selling/trading happened but here is what I'm working with.

YJ Tub/Frame w/ 1" Body Lift
CJ Front Clip
E350 Master Cylinder
Novak Hydro Clutch
Ported Astro Box
Dually Chevy 60/70HD
Rebuilt 304 with the Edelbrock catalog thrown at it.
A full set of YJ Springs, a set of XJ rears.
37" Baja TA's on H1's
41" Iroks

Bought the donor tub home then moved it into the farm shop.

YJ move in.jpeg

Started working on the springs while I had a pile of parts on order from Motobilt during the last Black Friday sale.

Soaked the bushings in PB Blaster while I worked around the farm all day, then went into the shop at night and lit the fuckers on fire then stuck em in the 50 ton press. Old junk slid right out, only needing to hit one sleeve with the air hammer.

Spring Bushings.jpeg

Started mocking up some of the suspension stuff and threw on the rocker and corner armor once the Motobilt order arrived


Spring Bushings.jpeg

60 and 70.jpeg
CJ Side.jpeg

CJ front.jpeg

Next up was cleaning up the axles. A D60/70HD combo with 5.89's with a Detroit in the front and Lincoln locker in the rear and high steer arms. Wasn't really trying to gear this thing that deep, but the price was too good to pass up.




Thats where it sits right now. Hopefully getting some more time in the shop in the coming weeks to tack everything in, set it on the ground then make sure everything is where I want it before frenching the frame side mounts into the frame.
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