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Slow-Ass Large Shed Build


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May 19, 2020
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Wilmington, VT
I live in a small house with a single car garage. It's a 24x36 Barn kit converted to a house. My father built it along with many friends and family members on weekends over the course of 5 or 6 years. I helped out where I could. He passed away in November 2013 and I moved in here in October 2014. This was a second home to him with a mortgage still on it. In order to be able to keep the house in the family, someone had to pay for it. With too many toys and yard equipment I can't fit everything in the one car garage (2 snowmobiles, 2 quads, zero turn mower, etc.).


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The sleds and tractor live under here by the garage. It looks messy; do not like (tractor will stay here). The second side of the garage is a "shop" large enough to open the door. There is a bedroom occupying the rest of the space.

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Know good neighbors. One had a borrowed excavator and his father is logger. We cleared about a 100 x 100 area quicklike, all for the cost of beer and to take care of his lawn while he was in Alaska for a month. Deal.

I was given a trailer load of timbers and was able to take down a 24 x 24 garage for the material. Original intention was to rebuild the garage, but it just wasn't in the cards at the moment, so I decided on a 24 x 12 shed with the timbers as the main structure reusing the roof structure of the garage. Floor structure is new PT.

Brought in a gravel. The floor is set on 4x6 PT skids with a 2x6 floor. The outside edge is doubled up to hold up the timbers (yes my blocks aren't set right, they are now).

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Had a building drinking party with a framing problem. Got the main structure up.

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Got it to here before winter set in.


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Finished the roof structure.


This brings us current. Roof is on and flooring is down. I'm going to start framing this week, I just need to find windows for RO sizes. Looking for 2 old large barn windows.


So is this just for storage or are you going to do it up to work in there, too? 24x12 is a good size for a small shed.
So is this just for storage or are you going to do it up to work in there, too? 24x12 is a good size for a small shed.

Thats the size of my whole shop :frown:

But its for machinist work only
Thats the size of my whole shop :frown:

But its for machinist work only

I have a 16x16 shop just for my small engines (SXS, ATV's, tractor, etcetera). Little spaces are fine. Heck, even my bigger one is only 26x28! I dream of these big shops all the time, though. :laughing:

Great looking, "Shed" :smokin: I'm with the others, that's a good sized shop for many. The wife bought a ready do assemble shed (9x6) that I'm finishing up for gardening.
1/2 day at work, so got the second layer of flooring on this afternoon.

I was originally going to roof with shingles, already had the roof sheathing, so the floor got doubled up. I still have extra as I had already had the flooring also :homer:

Picking up some windows this weekend. Two nice old barn windows. Should start framing next week hopefully.

Plans changed this weekend and ended up riding my bike Saturday and this morning with the lady friend. However, got home about 4pm today and worked until I ran out 2x4s.
A bit more done after work today.

Been talking with a mill, hoping some reasonable pricing comes out of them for siding.

(Yes windows are different sizes)

Framing is done. Hopefully I can move onto strapping in the next few days.

Also framed for an attic door on the back side.

Strapping is mostly done.

Also got this picture from my saw mill guy. Siding is milled. Picking it up next weekend.
Got all the siding up. I've got actual carpenters coming over next weekend to fix my sins, build the doors, trim it out, and put up the batten strips. Excuse the mess. The winter push is on.
Going to be a first class place for your double dong collection
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