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Reinstallation of factory ac questions


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May 19, 2020
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With the vast array of tradesmen here, I'm hoping to pick up some recharging \ retrofit info.
The system is factory toyota r12 based.

The issue's are as follows...
I see the possibility of finding reclaimed r12 to recharge the setup.
Internet search, everything goes to r134 retrofit gas.
I think the r12 seems better, as it seems to run colder.
Question 1
Any reason not to use r 12 (besides cost?)

I have been told contradictory info on what to replace, ie compressor,high side valve, drier ect.

Question 2
Do I need a new drier for sure?
What's the minimum I need to replace ?

I see the need to clean the system out before charging,
I have oem o ring kits for the lineset.
But Before I take it to a shop to purge and charge it, I hope to know the skinny first.

What ya got ibb?
Thanx in advance!
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Well you should replace the receiver/dryer regardless (or accumulator, depending on type of system you have). Inside the R/D is a dessicant bag that removes moisture from the system. If it has been taken apart for a while, junk it. If the system has not been run in a while the seals are likely dried out and prone to leaking.

Yeah r12 works great, gets very cold but it is very hard to find now. Places that still have it now want like $100/lb for it and you probly need 1.5 lbs. I say convert to r134 and put that money towards replacing some parts that are likely going to cause your $150 worth of freon to leak out.

So to convert it the right way you need to replace the R/D anyway... all the oil in the system collects in there. Oil for r134 is not the same for r12. So you need to replace the R/D and flush the rest of the system to get the rest of that oil and any other contaminants out. Some parts can not be flushed.... depends on the design of the evaporator and condensor... if they are built with round tube design it can be flushed, if built with flat tube design it is nearly impossible to flush correctly.

Buuutttt....... some people just say eff it and swap the fittings and thats it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it dont.
Finally installed the idle up solenoid, fixing to look into a re seal for the comp...
seems to be the hard one to find...

Anyone have a running first gen yota factory ac system?
stupid question on controles for my 83...
I got 2 setups and lost track of switches, 1 is a rotating one on the heater knob, the other is a slider switch \ rheoat type.
What triggers the system?
Fsm lists all the same wiring...
Thanx cb
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