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Project: Sick of Breaking D44 Chromos Part Deux


May 19, 2020
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raleigh nc


TiTRD built rig that worked well, sold it and someone tore it apart. I bought cage a year earlier then someone else posted the frame for sale. Tired of breaking small shit on my own rig and it was time for a broader horizon then 44/60 on leafs and 37 pbrs. Cut motobilt off frame and slapped it under my yj while also going 6.0-th400-atlas at the same time. Wheeled and redid things, broke a lot, never updated thread. Has new fancy cooling from Griffin for the engine and trans, atl nascar fuel cell in a jaz can with holly pump in tank among other changes. Jump to current day. Decided to cut all apart again in preps for running Renegade racing series.

Ls is currently knocking but has a new crank and lots of forged goodies waiting to go in. Also bypasses, trailing arms, converter from Les at Figspeed and more go-fast goodies. Last pic is as it sits currently. Feeling cute and motivated, may update later. If not IG gets some resemblance of a regular update but not much. Lot more changes coming down the pipe should I ever find the motivation.


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Possible next step laid out by the great cellphone cad program "snapchat" and random metal i have lying around. Lower bar is going to be 1.75 .120 slugged with 1.5 .095 cause its what i have. Frame up front will be changed and all fame aft of the lower rear link mounts will disappear.

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