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Polaris ranger rebuild


May 20, 2020
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Farmington NM
This is actually old news but a few years ago a friend of mine had to empty out the warehouse of a closing branch of a business. They fired ALL the employees first, THEN needed to move all the stuff from the Craig Co, yard to the Greeley co, yard. One of the things needing removed was a 2007 Polaris Ranger 700 XP that had been launched off an embankment and tumbled a couple hundred feet down the hill.
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Can’t find the progress pictures but when I do I’ll add them. They took it to the closest Polaris dealer who quoted them over $5K to fix it. They already had more Rangers than they could use so they told my buddy Beau to scrap it. He called me and told me I could have it if I’d go get it.

Picked it up and set to work fixing it as cheap as possible. It needed the whole right rear suspension replaced because in the tumble it broke the hub and a-arms cramming the axle shaft into the diff. Diff snapped the output shaft off of the sub trans. Cratered the park brake and the sub trans doesn’t have park in this model, it relies on the park brake to hold it still.

I found a cage off an 09 and modified it to fit. Bought the drive hub, sub trans output shaft and new prop shaft from cheap cycle parts .com. Got the rest off of eBay one piece at a time. All in including 4 new tires I had $2,100 bucks into it. These things are pretty easy to work on, I highly recommend it :flipoff2:
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Got rid of it like a dumb ass because I thought I HAD to have a bigger engine and power steering. Wish I still had it for my boy to drive around. But he’s big enough to drive the tracker so it works. Kiddo doesn’t think the tracker is as “cool” as driving the open air buggy’s
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Looked like scrap in the first few pictures. Nice job bringing it back to life!

It was for sure! But the engine ran, was fuel injected and it was “free” so it was worth playing with. What I should have done was parted it out I guess. The engine sub trans and two diffs alone were worth more than I sold it for.
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