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NP242J pops out of low


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May 19, 2020
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Central NM
I'm at a loss.

NP242J of unknown history, rebuilt (chain/bearings/seals/shift fork pads)10k miles ago and swapped into my ZJ to get rid of the np249.

Has popped out of low range since day 1. Dunno if it popped out pre-rebuild, was a junkyard case.

Installed novak cable shifter assuming unibody/linkage typical issues. Notched the shift gate, cables adjusted. No change. Still pops out.

Remove cable and manually shift it into low. Pops out. It is 100% internal.

Guts of this thing look pristine. There is nothing wrong. Why TF is it popping out?

Where are my NP Gods? Help please. :(

I'm fixing to just order another rebuild kit and rip the case out of my XJ, rebuild it for the ZJ and put this one back in the XJ because it doesn't need low for what we use it for.
Shift fork pads still seem good? I know you say they got replaced.
Shift fork pads still seem good? I know you say they got replaced.

Closer inspection showed a worn pad, and a worn gear.

Shift lever was bent 1.5* off perpendicular.

Hoping this fixes it. Will re-assemble today and get it back in sometime this week.



Nice. I have had a few cases that will not stay in 4 high, and every time it was either a bad shift fork, the pads, or both. The one that the fork was junk I think was from the pads being nonexistent.
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