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Blame Canada
May 1, 2020
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St.Louis, MO
The trolling is getting old, esp you idiots arguing with yourself.

The Red Skulls with annoying alter-egos is BS.

With a few new modules it's easy to see suspicious multiple account holders. I said before I didn't care about them because of the humor it could bring. It went from humor to annoying AF ...

Stop cheapening the place.

*dusts off ban hammer*
Duplicate accounts will now be met with :nuke:

The mods and I can go through and harass those of you about a possible duplicate accounts or you can PM me and tell me which of your accounts to delete. No reason needed, just name the account to delete. This is a one-time offer to keep that alter-ego anonymous and to avoid the hammer. If we have to go through all the analytics and chase you down, you'll get he hammer, and if you have a Red Skull, no refund will be given.
DWT is my dupe, I use it when I feel like being a turd. feel free to delete.


Yes, it has actually destroyed a lot of good conversations in Chit-Chat. I don't even read through most threads anymore.

Same. I come here partly for news and current events discussion. That has dropped drastically lately.
It will be nice to not have to skim through ten pages of trolling bullshit. Thanks Austin. Your right, it was funny for a day or two, then became very annoying to the point where I stopped reading some threads.
Big thanks to Austin & his army of minions! :grinpimp: :beer:

Agreed that counterproductive trolls need killing.

Mooning the diners at Denny's? - meh, juvenile prank :laughing:

Shitting on the salad bar? - you need no more oxygen :flipoff:
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