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Memorial Day plans?


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May 19, 2020
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Jackson, MS USA
Long weekend coming up, what's everyone have planned? Looks like it may be a heatwave here. We're thinking we're going to drink, eat, remember, honor and celebrate.
Might be working, might not. If not then beers, video gaming and eating pizza leftovers since the forecast is shit the next two days.
Rain for the next 10 days so probably a lot of tv watching and throwing the ball inside for the dogs.
jumping on motorcycle, just ride till ready to stop, find a place to sleep, do again sunday, return monday.
Going to play catch-up on a days worth of projects tomorrow and then hopefully enjoy Sunday and Monday. I have a few side jobs I'd like to start but I don't think many people want to pay right now
Enjoying the new Montana we bought a couple of weeks ago.



Continuing to build my Jeep. On call this weekend, then on furlough next week, so I can't really go anywhere this weekend. I have a feeling that with so much of Colorado still on shutdown, what is accessible that they can't close (the lower elevation not-snowed-in mountains, dispersed BLM/FS camping, stuff like that) will be a zoo this weekend.
Supposed to have friends over for food, drinks and swimming, but now it looks like it might rain most of the long weekend. 😞
Well my usual Memorial Sunday has been spent veging in fron of the TV, starting with the Indy 500 ( Just found out will be run in August :crybaby2:) Then it used to be Nascar till they screwed it up, then it was baseball and who knows when they we'll start playing :mad3:
We are having house windows replaced soon, so this weekend I will be prepping things for that.
Some other home projects that I will likely not get to:).

it will likely be a zoo out there so will steer clear of the crowds.
Going to bbq, drink beer, and do a bunch of work on the bronco. Not necessarily in that order.
Looks like we're getting a break from the rain Saturday so, hanging out with friends, remembering, telling old stories and hopefully making stories worth telling!
Going to Dana Point on Saturday and staying until at least Tuesday. Having some family come by on Sunday for a beach bbq.
Looking for an Apple or lemon meringue pie to swipe off the window sill :usa:

Actually, a lot of odd jobs to bring in money. I think I can manage Sunday night to work on Tacoma-
Wife and I headed to the beach. We left after work Wednesday because its supposed to rain most of this weekend. Got drunk off my ass last nigh and am paying the price today. :(
I'm gonna drive my willys all around, so happy it's on the road again :grinpimp:

Then heading out of town for a BBQ at a friends
Might be working, might not. If not then beers, video gaming and eating pizza leftovers since the forecast is shit the next two days.

Just found out I have a load I'm relaying down to GA, but it's not here yet. I will probably get it early tomorrow.
We bought a lot of plants and seeds over the last couple of weeks, so we are transplanting into bigger pots and planting seeds to see if we cna grow some vegs, just planted 75 corn seeds!
Going camping, 4x4 trails here don't open until June 15th. Gonna take the the old CJ and just cruise the FS roads
Probably be cooking part of the weekend and tinkering on my DD. Need to get the full urethane bushing kit installed in the suspension and swap on the drop spindles with new rotors and hawk pads. Maybe I'll do that instead of playing GTA? Nah... Probably not lol.
Saturday I’m gonna screen topsoil until it start raining. Sunday morning I gonna do some prospecting in the drill tailings at my hard rock pit. Then plant the garden in the afternoon. Monday work a bit maybe invite a few friends and family over to race gokarts in the back yard.
Working night shifts all weekend.... just finished a stay-cation and didnt get near as much done as i had hoped. Oh well...
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