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LttlBddy in ICU

He did so much for us.

Rest in peace, Sir
HTF did I miss this? R.I.P. Steve, always wanted to meet him.
Damn! Thats horrible! RIP..... at least he experienced a lot more than most folks do in life. Never a good thing but hopefully he was at peace....
Story about Steve: This past KOH I was asked to make a large format poster that combined the EMC and KOH posters together - something cool that'd have a few prints posted within Hammertown. I thought it was really cool, and limited print, so I asked Steve if he'd print an extra for me to have and let me know what the print cost is, etc. Hoped to see him at the main gate when I rolled in, but was told he wasn't there at the moment. Signed in, got my stuff, headed into Hammertown. After that it's all a flurry of prerunning, helping a friend get his rig dialed, pit support during EMC, volunteer for TT and KOH main on Thurs and Fri - you know how it is, always something to do out there, and always beers that need to be drank. Was at the top of Full of Hate working recovery on Friday, and Steve texted me saying he had the poster I asked him for, how can he get it to me? I told him I may as well be as far from Hammertown as I could get, and didn't know when I'd be back, but told him the pit garage # I was camped in. IF you're in Hammertown, if not, I'll call you after I get home and we can ship it or whatever. Fast forward to midnight or 1 in the morning that night, and we get back to camp and there is a cardboard tube on the table next to my truck, and inside is the poster I asked to get from him. He made sure to go to my camp and drop it there for me - it's on my living room wall now. Wish I could have spared half an hour to cruise out to the main gate to get it from him in person. It's not that far from hammertown.

Goddamnit Steve. RIP. Extremely sad about this...

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There is a memorial for Steve on the night of September 19 at slash X. I think it’s fitting that there’s also a JV clean up that day.
Shit. First time I clicked on this thread. Kinda wish I hadn’t. RIP.
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