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Least shitty/Most Superior Gas CAn


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May 19, 2020
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Spana-graham, WA
Are there any gas cans left that the EPA/CARB haven't completely ruined? Seems like everything has the stupid vent through the spout deal or the spring loaded type that produce a big fan of gas instead of a manageable pour. Thinking about ponying up for a couple VP "Utility jugs" but I figured I'd ask and see if there's something on the market I'm missing.
Vp jugs or just put a steel valve stem without the core in the vent spot of an epa jug to bypass the shitty slow vent system.
Order one from Canada? Wedco is good shit, Scepter is okay.
I find tons of old plastic ones with a simple spout used. And I mostly pour fuel straight out of the can into a Automatic Transmission Fluid long funnel into the tank anyway, not even bothering with the cans spout. So all the spring/lever/stupid crap doesn't matter. But I have plenty of normal old style spouts for pouring into chainsaws, weedeaters, etc.
You can get new spouts that actually pour, they come with vents for the handle. That being said the vp is the caddie of fuel tanks. I usually just use a funnel from a 5 gallon jug anymore unless its the vp.
My favorite.


These cans are legit, the dump spout works. I think I'd even take them over the old cans now.


The problem with vp cans is they're roundish and are a lot more work to strap into your trailer or bed after securing whatever thing needs the gas. The old non-retarded, plastic Jerry-can style were the best. Strap through the handle, one around the bodies, you just pull them into the corner and tighten.
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Yard sales for the old Blitz style. Then add a vent and your pouring gas anywhere and everywhere just like they were designed to do. I also buy the jugs without caps and buy the 1 or 2 gallon jugs if the have the spout and yellow cap. Then toss the little jugs.

I think it is MRYELLOWCAP.COM or something like that for vents. Im on my phone so no Linkslide for the lazy.
If you have a Rural King around these aren't to bad.

I have a couple of these, i actually like them better than my more expensive race jugs. The vent is better and the o-ring in the cap stays in place. They have a screw vent instead of the little snap vent.
30 seconds of work and the EPA cans are much more useful - cut off the safety lock tab and put a 1/4 or 5/16 self tapping screw in the back top as an air vent. Once you do that they work about as well as a pre EPA can. If you rip the guts out of the spout you get a pretty good flow rate, though then you need a cap/plug - for the ones I have a 20 oz soda bottle is a pretty snug fit and works well.

Still needs an air vent though. And if you put an air vent on the EPA can it works about as well with the standard spout.

Since you don't know that they come with an air vent you have no idea what you are talking about but thanks for your contribution :laughing:
I have one of these:


Also this is the superior spout for it:


Its been a champion. Carried fuel out west and all through Moab. Been using it a lot lately because I've lost the habit of gassing up. Also the mountains are *just* 1 tank of fuel up there and back. And when I get back, LOL I'm empty.

They have smaller versions too. I think a 1 gal and a 2.5 gal. I'm considering a 1 gal one for the kerosene heater in the garage.
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