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Is die hard a Christmas movie? Poll

Is die hard a Christmas movie? Poll

  • Die hard is a Christmas movie

    Votes: 119 88.8%
  • Die hard is not a Christmas movie

    Votes: 8 6.0%
  • I don’t watch tv

    Votes: 6 4.5%
  • I prefer to watch movies in my underwear while eating bacon

    Votes: 27 20.1%

  • Total voters
Do they play it every year around Christmas? Then yes. It's a Christmas movie.
Invalid poll, no bacon option...

Yes. 1 and 2 are. Watched em both today.
It is one of 2 acceptable Christmas movies, the second being National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

I wanted to watch a Christmas story, but the kids won't freakin shut up during shows so it isn't worth paying the 3.99 to watch it on prime. :mad3:
Watched the traditional Christmas movies in the past week or so.

Gets me in the spirit I suppose.

I think of the two we have as traditional but there are others.

its a wonderful life.
Christmas story.
This must be how the votes were counted..
The concept of "per cent" is lost on some peepoles :flipoff2:

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