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Introduce your self here!

I've been racing this thing for the past 8 years:

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Hey, glad I received the notice telling me about this site! Was on a couple of the other ones for many years but slowly drifted away, same guys, saying the same stuff. Unfortunately the timing is bad as I will be selling my Samurais next spring due to a change in residence and lifestyle. I was planning on selling this year but with the covid situation and some health issues it wasn't the right time. But in the meantime I will enjoy the conversations!

By the way, I'm from Minnesota and I have an '86 tin top and a '91 soft top (currently just a rusty one I use to plow my driveway)
Also glad to have been told about this site. Even more exciting that it has gained some steam here more recently. Miss seeing all the old builds on the old board.
never been a brand specific guy. First wheeler was a toy pickup, wrinkled a couple Cherokees, and now I'll be spending some time with Suzuki's.

Have a 95 tracker soft top and a 94 sidekick. Tracker has been the driver until recently. 4 door zuk will likely be the drivetrain donor for a buggy.

Gonna build some junk and have some fun.
Was on the old board for years but had been inactive until recently, couldn't figure out why there were no recent posts or replies... Guy I knew local from there told me about this when he came to grab an old solid front axle I was getting rid of, and here we are.

New to the zuk scene, just bought an 88 tin top a couple months ago from Utah, should be getting here soon. Looking forward to building her as a dd which will see some trail duty. We do rope rescue here, and we assist with training classes. Planning to build the old girl up to haul rope and equipment out to our training areas, and planning to document along the way. Been kicking around the idea of doing a vlog on yt as well.
longtime lurker on the old board. came here because I enjoy samurai build threads. I have owned several samurais over the years that were mildly built/DD rigs. currently have a 88 samurai that needs alot of love.
Hey guys I’ve been a long time dreamer and finally picked up a 87 Samurai Tin top been wheeling and fixing it up as I go. Running stock 1.3 6.5:1 case gears sitting on Toyota axles.

Really love the tin tops~

Great zuki man!
Hey folks. Got myself a zuk last summer thinking I could quickly and cheaply get it built into a fun lightweight wheeler to dick around in while I did some major updates to my main wheeler. I've had a damn time and a half getting it running reliably. It's a 94 EFI that spent time at the beach, so lots of fun there patching holes and chasing bad grounds. Presently have the ECM sent off to the speedo repair guy, hoping that will cure my most persistent issues.

Anyway, as it sits, it has OME rears front and back for maybe 1.5" or so of lift and clearing 31's. Also did the GM alt swap. The gears, lockers & birf rings, cage, winch, and EPS are waiting on me to install. Still need to repurpose the front bumper and build the rest of the armor as well. Goal is to keep it very light and low and stable. Looking forward to many enjoyable trail miles once I get the damn thing done.


gears, RCVs, f locker, winch and bumper, cage done


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Clean looking zook. Where you from? We should include general location in these intro’s. I’m from just outside the Tillamook Forest in Oregon.
Clean looking zook. Where you from? We should include general location in these intro’s. I’m from just outside the Tillamook Forest in Oregon.

I'm near Charlotte, NC. And thanks, tt's a good 20 footer for sure. It was lady owned and totally stock with 105k on it, but with the beach impact (rust) on nearly every body panel to some degree, I'm not going to mind scraping it through the trails around here.
Click image for larger version Name:	FB_IMG_1579456596136.jpg Views:	0 Size:	32.1 KB ID:	322699 Hello everyone. I had a friend 10 years ago that got a YJ Wrangler and it was a blast, so I wanted to get one too. But in my search for one I discovered samurais. This tin top was my first. I called it the scamurai because it came with a bogus title and I didn't verify the VIN lol. I've had several over the years. My next one was a rustbucket out of Idaho on a ghetto spoa, 33s, a Rochester carb, and stock gears; it was a dog. My 3rd was a 92 EFI 2wd AZ rust free low miles grandpa rig, that I converted to 4wd with a 4.16 tcase and 32s. That was my cleanest, best and favorite one, but had to sell due to hardship years ago. For the last couple years I've been working on the 88.5 in my profile pic. I got a decent deal on it because the previous owner had chopped it up into this ugly little buggy, but it was pretty much stock and had a fresh motor. To this one I've done the dj5 flat fender front end, diy hybrid tracker rear axle, 5.13s and welded rear, 4.9 tcase in trail tough cradle, RUF, SPOA, trail tough high steer, Toyota 3k carb, folding windshield and 33s. I'm glad my buddy Tigger told me about the new forum here.
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Been out of the garage for a while(3 kids in 5 years) my youngest is 6 now so I’m getting back at it. Started a build thread on the old board but that place is a ghost town so here I am. Have a couple Sami’s,3 tins and 2 soft. 2 for parts. 2 projects and 1 that got swamped and needs a fresh rebuild. From central PA. Carrolltown to be exact.
I built all my rigs on the other black site and had the same screen name usta know stuff about zuks
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Greetings from Finland

My rig:
Sj410 1983
1.6 16V G16B engine from 2001 Baleno, driven by megasquirt
4 speed autotrans from 1991 vitara, megasquirt due to this being electrically operated.
front axle from LN65 hilux 4.56:1
Rear axle from LJ70 land cruiser 4.56:1
Samurai transfer box with 6.5:1 gears
35x16x15 boggers

Air lockers in both ends.


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Hi guys. AttemptingTJ over on pirate. Had this rig since it was a spoa tin top on samurai axles. Did most everything myself. I have since converted to ‘pane and wish I did it 10 years ago.


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