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May 20, 2020
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North of the 42nd
I was islandtrooper in the other place.
Was a bit active a decade ago then just lurked and watch the shit show happen.
Happy to be here!

I have a 2000 TJ as my daily driver. Yes the light bar is gehy and will be replaced by a winch soon.
Waiting for a clutch master cylinder to get my pile back on the road.
In the mean time I can fix the leaking rear pinion, change a u-joint or six and clear up some surface rust.

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Not much has changed on mine for probably 6 years or so, I just drive it around and hit light trails and go camping in it every now and then now, haven't really taken it on any real trails since I moved a few years ago. It's a fun vehicle though, works really well. about 260k miles on it, and I've driven it across the country several times.

2006 Rubicon, 6 speed manual, 35s, skid plates, rubicon 4:1 transfer case and lockers, lockout hubs, champion beadlocks and superior axle shafts. It goes anywhere I'm capable of driving. I'm not messing with it anymore, I've moved on to other projects. But still enjoy driving it around. :-)



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Mine. ‘99 auto with your typical 4” suspension, 1 1/4” body lift on 35’s.

Bought the Jeep and 4 days later found out my now ex-wife was pregnant with our younger son. Third photo is teaching him to drive in it about 4 years ago. Now it’s his DD.
I picked up this 2003 TJ back in March right before everything went to shit with the corona virus. I haven't done any wheeling yet still waiting on the DMV to reopen I did some minor maintenance oil change and air filter , front and rear pinions seals fluid change new diff cover bolts , new trans pan , filter and fluid changed, new rear sway bar links and bushings, replaced front and rear bump stops, new muffler and turn down tip, greased everything, Had a few stripped nut serts ( rivnuts) when a dropped the trans cross member so I picked up a rivnut squezzer on ebay came with a assortment of metric rivnuts for around $50 worked really good. I 'm kinda behind on my spring projects as soon as I get my bike ready for this summer new rubber showed up today. I plan on taking the jeep up north for some trail rides nothing hardcore just to get out of town for the weekend.

Bought not built ride

4.0 with 4 speed auto
hard top with a/c
dana 30 front yukon 4.88 aussie locker after market shafts
dana 44 rear yukon 4.88 aussie locker stock shafts
231 trasfer with cable shift
2 inch belly up kit with skids and small body lift
cowling air intake & air box delete with tool box added
unknown front and rear bumper with tire carrier
smity built 8000 lbs winch with syn. rope
rocker gaurds with removable nerf bars from the 80s/90s
35 inch tires on steelies

My plans are to removed the nerf bars build some sliders out of square and rectangle tube , pick up a soft top and maybe soft doors or tube doors that's it for now.
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My 2004 Rubicon...



I put this thing together because my rock crawler is sitting and rotting in the desert. This is primarily a camping/adventure rig for easier trails like the Rubicon.

Just found this site from another that I just joined and found out it was a disaster. LOL I know I will catch a lot of flack, but here is my 99 TJ. Just put a lift on it. :D Yes, I like purple. :D Oh, my name is Kim and I am in Sacramento. :D

Sorry for the small pic. I just figured out how to post a bigger one. LOL Also don't now how to edit the original post to get rid of the little pic and put in the big one so made another post. :D

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06 Rubicon

Daily Driven, just trying to keep up with some CJ-5s Locked and on 33s, mostly haul tools and act as a bear box because TJs have so much room for activities.

3" Savvy Short Arm Suspension (currie parts and Johnny Joints, Savvy aluminum links)
Fox Shocks
Metalcloak 4" fenders and rockers
Homemade rear bumper / swing away tire carrier
G2 Axles in the rear (Bent a stock one on a mild shakedown run WTF?)
35" Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ on 15" steel wheels
4.88 gears Stock lockers (until they Pop)
4.0L / Factory Automatic Transmission
Ruffstuff Steering
York Compressor on board air pieced together with ORO parts

Don't have any pics from the mall so the grocery store will have to do:

Obligatory poser shot from Prairie City OHV park, I don't make the rules:
From a 2019 trip To Colorado with some CJ guys, Lined up in Downtown Ouray. One of these things in not like the others:
IMG_1928 (1).JPG

Favorite Pic from the Colorado Trip:
Bone stock. Hope to get a jump on it before the covid stay home ends. Stretching the rear fenderwell 10 inches from a donor tub.

Hers my TJ, I had to sue my step mom after my dad died to get it, somehow he "changed" his mind about me having the jeep 2 weeks before his death, bitch is a witch. Its been neglected by 2 Toyotas in the 6 years I've had it. Sold the one next to it this past winter so the jeep is going to get some love finally.

Here is my work in process. It’s a 98 TJ with an 03 LQ4, 2wd 4L80E, atlas, 8.8 and a highly polished 30. Axles are temporary for now.

06 Rubicon

Daily Driven, just trying to keep up with some CJ-5s Locked and on 33s, mostly haul tools and act as a bear box because TJs have so much room for activities.

From a 2019 trip To Colorado with some CJ guys, Lined up in Downtown Ouray. One of these things in not like the others:

It more than "keeps up" - is a very nice bear box / mobile repair station too lol

That black and red Clamper Jeep looks familiar...

01. I bought it new and daily drove it for a while. Then I wheeled it on weekends on 33s. Then I got another daily driver and locked it on 33s. Then I tore it all down and stretched it to 110" on 40s and have been running it in this basic configuration for 4 or 5 years.
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98 Sport not a Rubicon. Someone put the Rubicon hood on it I think this thing was wrecked in a past life. 39.5x15.50x16.5 Intercos with tubes, 4 link PSC hydro steering, Fox air shocks 4.0 6cyl 5 speed 231 KP Ford 60 front 70 rear. 5 something gears in the axles welded diffs.

I got it part way done. The Axles were in but it had no front upper link mounts on the frame. It still had the original steering box on it so when you steered the whole body would move sideways and the tires would turn about 1”. Someone just slapped it together enough to get it out of their garage and on a trailer. It had no brakes whatsoever on the back and only the disks and caliper mounts on the front. It had a family cage that was welded by the youngest person in the guys family evidently. My guess is it was bought at an insurance auction because it still has numbers painted on the windshield and says AAA. I think one guy bought it and put the cage in and another partway put the axles in because the welds on the axles are pretty good the cage welds are not much better than mine.

Anyhow. I pulled this thing in the garage and worked on it every spare minute I had because we had a wheeling trip in less than 30 days from the day I pulled it in. I would put my kids to bed and work on it till 2 am and wake up at 6 and work 12-16hrs a day and come home and do it again. Im still not done with it. I have halfassed a lot of things because I was in a hurry but slowly I will fix everything right. Surprisingly my first trip out to Disney it did great it didnt give me any trouble all weekend and went places my LandRover never dreamed of. I only broke my trans mount. I welded it solid for the next trip to Smorr and broke it again. My last trip to Smorr last weekend I built a new trans mount using a YJ leafspring bushing. I also lifted the trans enough to get rid of the spacers which in turn caused my driveshaft to rub my upper link mount. So I built a new skinny driveshaft out of 1.25x.250 tube and got rid of the cv since its 4ft long. So I rotated my front axle back to get the proper pinion angle for a standard driveshaft which in turn put my upper link mounts on the axle in contact with the front pully so I added some plate to my bumpstop mount for now since I had to be loaded and ready in 10hrs. I failed to consider my engine fan blades. I ran all weekend and had no problems untill the last night as far back into Smorr as you could be I went up a ledge and bottomed the front suspension out. I thought I blew a rad hose but when I opened the hood I saw a nice round circle in my fancy all aluminum radiator. Turns out when my suspension hit full bump the fan blade barely caught my link mount a twisted one blade enough to cut my rad. So thats where it sits now in the garage waiting on a new rad and fan.
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Picked up this 04 TJ late last year. Got sick and wanted to get away from never-ending projects and be able to wheel again. So sold all the Toyota stuff. And then got a set of 08 F350 axles to swap in a few weeks ago. So back to project life.

Poison Spider armor all around (fenders, sliders, corner guards, cage)
Rock Krawler long arm with 10" rear stretch
HP D30 with WJ steering, 4.88s, chromo axles
D44 with 4.88s
37s on Walker Evans beadlocks

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