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If a troll makes a troll post in the forest and nobody responds, is it still a troll?

If a pigeon keeps shitting on your lunch, you have the option to move somewhere else or shoot the pigeon. A smart restaurant owner would shoot the pigeon so he can keep his customers. If you can't add to a civil conversation past annoying the regulars, you are the pigeon. The goal is to shut down the conversation, if you don't engage them, they will engage each other and the result is the same. pages of drivel thoroughly removed from the original topic.
I concur, shame the retards who respond.

Waterhead is a different story, hes just an autist. Please dont confuse him with the likes of others.
And to the trolls. You guys suck. Seriously step up your game or go throw yourselves in front of a moving train. There’s no originality, no flair, and no substance to back up anything you do. Take your weak ass trolling back to facebook where you belong, and we will keep awaiting the second coming of Screwy to get the liberal troll we deserve.

this^ if i scare off a troll from argueing with me after like 3 replies thats a shit troll:laughing:

do your research trolls! make a believable invalid arguement

maybe this weekend ill put the cooler next to the computer and stir something controversial up:flipoff2:
Can somebody please remind me which usernames are troll accounts?
IDK. To me dildo and noob are solid contributors albeit a bit unorthodox. And michael.gonzales . . . how can he be a troll if his username is his real name? :smokin:

So being stupid earns him a pass ? :confused:
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