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IBB 30 Days of Giveaways starts June 1!


Blame Canada
May 1, 2020
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St.Louis, MO

Thats right every day in the month of June we'll be doing an old school PBB style giveaway!

We had a bit growth spurt last week :grinpimp:, lets keep those numbers rising to get those tech forums rock'n!

Come for the giveaways, stay for the tech :smokin:

Our awesome vendors have donated some generous items to give out, we'll have some new irate swag and lots of other items as well.

Hopefully you remember the rules:
  • One entry per person
  • Must have a Red, Blue or Yellow Skull
  • I'll pick the winners via Google's random number generator. I'll screen record it and share it. The number it picks correlates the entry number on the page.

aaand just for fun .... The first to reply 'IN' to this post gets a free irate4x4 sticker. Anybody else that does .... could possibly join the band :flipoff2:

Lets do this!
thanks for the chance
Edit: reading comprehension is not my strong suit
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Month of Freedom follow by Month of Irate.

yall cant read for chit:flipoff2:

looks like we've got bbgun on the tuba, will on the claronet , wolfman on the bagpipes and scooter on the spoons :laughing:

edit: ya maybe its me who cant read Will12785 :homer: ill stop posting and fawking up the post count

IN! and i whistle a mean jug :flipoff2:

Spoons might be too complex for me :flipoff2:
I'm begging to buy a red skull, but no PayPal. Please, take my fucking money some other way.