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How was/is your Halloween?


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May 19, 2020
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Bonners Ferry, ID
To my surprise, Halloween was 90% normal for the kids. I'd say houses handing out candy was very close to normal. Roughly 1/3rd normal open the door, 1/3rd bowl out front and 1/3rd some strange modified social distance way to hand candy out. One cool thing that a few people did was drop candy down a long tube so the kids could catch it :laughing:​​​​​​

Way down on houses participating here, but who was, was giving out loads and/or full-size bars. One guy had a pvc tube launcher that he put candy in one end of, them put a leaf blower in, and spud-gunned it into kids' bags/hands.
Went to my niece's first birthday party that was pretty normal everybody was having fun.

There aren't very many people out trick to treating we usually run out of candy not this year.

But overall it's pretty great.
100% Normal here. In fact 115% normal. We had all sorts of folks trick or treating. The wife took the kids out to some of the bigger neighborhoods, ours is small.
I forgot to add, we went to Chico, where my wife's sister lives. It's fairly yuppy, so I was kinda surprised it was as good as it was.
We had 9 kids stop by. Handed out fullsize bars. We had no idea how many to expect, first Halloween in this house in a rural subdivision. We are surrounded by folks with adult kids our age so I didn't expect much.

5 of the 9 showed up in a small enclosed trailer pulled by a sxs. Pretty sweet setup, was rocking Halloween tunes with a fog machine and lights / lasers inside. He had taken the back doors off and put benches along the walls for the kids to sit on with a propane heater bolted down in the middle to keep them warm.
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Never really have trick-or-treaters here, we stayed home since everyone's being so fucking silly about the 'rona. Didn't figure it was worth driving out to the nicer hoods.
Bought lots of candy..... Never any kids come around; guess my parents will eat all the candy... Repeat this scenario next year. Any Peeps recipes?
Went to a Halloween party with all my childhood friends. I've spent the last 3 years building and working on my house and not socializing so it was nice.
just finished the legend of bagger vance.. I've seen it at least half a dozen times now

(I have 900 dvds and lately Ive been trying to get more used ones, since some people are getting rid of their collections)

anyways, when i had a smoke break 1/2 way through, I peeked over the fence and saw traffic walkin down the street..

also my youngest 1st cousin on my mom's side (there are 16 of us) sent us pics of her newborn dressed for halloween

I was thinkin today was only the 30th, until she sent those pics..

I was thinkin of going to walgreens and getting some candy..

thinkin of trying to find something to give out that was sugar free.. so we can eat leftovers without guilt (both diabetic)

we left our light off this year.. so as far as I know, on one came to the door..
Weren't evacuated and no psps so counting our blessings I guess.
The trick or treating was kind of lame for kids, not very many places with lights on. They had plenty of candy and we got some good exercise.

I did some zombie makeup for our cheerleaders for the last football game of the season .

I got bored and did some zombie make up for trick or treating, just hang back with the parents and freaked people out that noticed. We had a good Halloween.

Not one trick or treater. Normally would get 10-12. Neighbors kids wanted to do a candy trade with our kids, neighbor and the kids fully outfitted with ppe and treated us like we had the clap.
We live in the boonies. Nobody is going to drive 5 miles from town to bring their kids out trick or treat, plus today is mom's birthday (93) so the evening was filled with family phone calls
Yes I can call my mom a witch and get away with it
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Pretty normal here, had about 20 groups of kids come through.
Our sucked balls, for a town thats largely been F the Rona ... in the subdivision we took the kids to there was a 1/4 of the kids out and most all houses just had a bowl of candy in the driveway. It was amazing weather for Oct 31 .... we were confused ..
Took the kid out and hit up probably 50 or so houses. Seemed normal like every other year. Lots of houses handing out candy via a long tube that drops the candy in their bag. I thought that was lame as shit, but I'll take that any day over COVID halloween no candy
Really depressing this year. Tons of trick r treaters and almost no one handing out candy. Kids didn’t even come close to leaving with a half bag of candy each. My oldest son got excited when the bottom of his bag was finally covered up. We used to live in the town we went to. I’d say participation was 10%-15% of what it usually is.

Covid Blows.

Spent an hour and a half in line so the kiddo could get half a bucket of candy through tubes. Tons and tons of other kids and families were there as well.

It was a good experience for the kid though he got to see other kids out and playing. He carried his bucket well and didn't spill his candy.
I'm am apartment fag for 90days, so nothing here, watched Portlandia with my wife and dog. I did see a slutty cat and a slutty pocahontas waiting for an Uber in the parking lot while taking my dog out to shit.
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