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How to determine shock length?


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Jun 8, 2020
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Im about 70% on this solid axle swap on this s10. So I am at the point where I got the axle bolted up and it is sitting on its own weight. I still have the front clip off and no winch mount yet so it is going to sit a tad lower than where its at when the extra weight is on and the springs settle in.

With my shock mount mocked into place I measure 26.5" eye to eye. There is some wiggle room on the located of the upper mount, I can go up or down about 1/2" and can move fore or aft +/1" if needed.

so how do I figure out what shock I need? All I have is length at ride height, dont know how much droop or uptravel there will be yet. Should I hold off until the end and order shocks last?
There is literally 10 threads on this page that you made. Each one is basically a simple question. My suggestion is make 1 thread full of your retarded questions. In one, you asked about a part, were told it’s garbage. Then you went ahead and got the garbage part. I can’t help you if you don’t listen.
I look at it as someone trying to contribute to a new site. It is still young and lacks the content the 'other site' has. I would like to see this site grow and succeed. By posting it here and not linking to the 'other site' then the content is here, not there. A forum is only as good as its members and its content.

If you do not want more tech related content on the site, then you do not want the site to be successful.

Good day to you, sir.
Stuff your wheel until it or something else hits and limits the up travel. Measure you distance between the upper and lower mount. This is your minimum compressed length. Then droop the wheel until the coil falls loose out or the leave spring won't go any further. This is your extended length. Subtract the compressed from the extended and you will get the actual amount travel you have. Pick a shock that matches as best you can with those numbers. Add bump stops and limit straps as needed.

Stuffing both wheels and one drooped with one stuffed may give you different numbers on up travel so it is best to do both and compare the measurements and use the more restrictive of the two.
Flamed because you’re asking...


4” + 6” = shock length. Tech it is not.
A measuring tape will give you your answers.
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