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How has your kid's school handled covid so far?

Tin Roof

May 20, 2020
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We had an update at our last board meeting on how things are going in our district. We currently have 5 students at home in quarantine, no staff in quarantine, and of the 9 students that were using the remote option instead of in-person only 4 still are.

We never closed due to covid, never switched to a hybrid model with limited days or a online/in-person split, we've been in-person the entire school year.

Nobody died, hell I don't think anyone even went to the hospital, and no churches burned to the ground.

I'd say that's a pretty good example of a small midwestern district ignoring the panic and just moving forward. We had a few touch and go weeks, but we've done well to this point.

How's everyone else doing?
Currently home for 14 days due to a positive test in my daughters class. Seems someone got sloppy for the holidays. It's the second time so far this school year. I think that's pretty good for the number of kids they have. They also treat the classes as "pods" so only my daughters class is affected.

I will say this whole thing has cemented the fact that my daughter will always be going to a private school, even if I have to sell organs to make it happen, when I was always a bit anti-private school.
Homeschool has been unaffected. My wife tried to get a bigger couch to "aid in social distancing". But I ain't buying it.
My wife teaches at a public school. They occasionally have a teacher or kid pop positive, but they send them home and just keep going. One elementary school a friend works at decided they were going to test all faculty before thanksgiving. So many asymptomatic positives they had to shut the whole school until after the first of the year. Talk about a bonehead move.

She and the kids have to wear a mask at all times, and she is tired of it.

They started the year online and in person. After 6 weeks about 80% of the online kids were failing so they called them all back in. Many of the online kids never logged in once during that first 6 weeks. Those kids were dropped from enrollment and the parents had to come sign them back up. :laughing:
Been remote all year so far, looks like they may through the rest of the year. Kids are holding up fairly well, but you can tell they miss interacting with friends...it sucks for them in that regard.
Our district seems to be doing what it can to keep kids on site but still has to follow CDC guidelines.

With that being said, the kids have gone back and forth from online to on site at least 6 times so far. Pretty frustrating and disruptive but I'm glad they are back on site for the moment.
Have been in full time class since August, zero issues or outbreaks.....
One of ours got sent home the other day with "symptoms" didn't display any on the way home so I thought it was a crock. They sent him home with test kit and upon receiving a negative (usually within 48hrs) result he can go back to school. Well the result came back positive, so now the whole family has to QT for 2 weeks. Surprise surprise, it seems like the rest of us have it now :rolleyes:.

In person at school for 2 days a week, 4 hrs per day. And I shit you not...when the kids are outside of class but still on campus they have to walk with "zombie arms" to keep social distancing. So when I drop them off and/or pick them up, it hilarious to see a few hundred 7-12 year old kids walking around with their arms out in front of them:laughing:
No in person here for public school anyway. My son would've started kindergarten this year so we tried home schooling so he wouldn't be a year behind but it's been rough going. GF wants to send him to school and I keep having to remind her that there isn't any school to send him to right now.
The high school that my kids both attend are doing it wrong. They are worried about my 18 year old senior and his credits. but had no problem unenrolling my 15 year old sophomore daughter without even a phone call or email with concern of my daughter who was not logging into her classes.

Their counselor was in for a big surprise when he called me last.

Fuck the teachers unions.

Lucky for them I have a good sense of humor.
Distance vs in person is optional here. I'm very pro- in person. Unfortunately, the ex wife is a scared sheeple so my kid has been in distance learning and falling further and further behind, missing her classmates and actually going to class. My two youngest are in school though.
A complete cluster fuck....no sop from school to school or even class to class.

Shouldn't be a surprise considering the school board adjusted "lowered" the requirements to get the person they wanted for superintendent.
My boy hasn’t been back to school yet, it is 100% remote. Wife called the school this am and told the woman that the kid wouldn’t be participating in online school today. Woman asked if everything was okay and my wife couldn’t lie, everything is fine, but we are up north snowmobiling. Woman was like , well that’s great, have fun. I like people that work in schools and aren’t fucking retards.
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100% still home online as far as I know.

We unenrolled our boy in Oct and let him get his GED. There was no way the online was going to work for him and he was going to fail anyway.
My 16 year old cousin has been remote for close to a year with no signs of it changing. It has her really fawked up, she misses her friends and activities and doesn't learn well remote (I don't either. It sucks). She flew down and stayed with us for 3 weeks over christmas, 1 of which was during school.

I'm just hoping that she doesn't have to have her senior year remote. She's an athlete and it means a lot to her. As I have said before, this is going to have a significantly worse longstanding impact than catching the virus...........that you are going to catch at some point anyway.
My wife's school district first went full on distance learning. They noticed right away that some of the kids from poor homes stopped showing up. Other kids struggled with remote schooling. All the teachers got together over the summer and made a list of kids who were at-risk if they kept up the same model and made it mandatory that they attend in person. The rest have to option of attending or continuing to work remotely. I think most that were doing well opted to stay at home and are doing alright. My wife is taking this year off until our youngest is older, but she still keeps in contact with her teacher friends. Most are not fans of distance learning. They say it's much harder to get the kids to engage.
Kids go to school mon-fri from 8 am to 10:30am:rolleyes:
Super awesome for a single working parent.
Been in school like normal since late August. No mask requirements, but of course they push it. Parents aren't allowed in the school building. Parent/teacher conferences are via phone. Masks required on the school bus, so we're taking/picking them up this year.
My friends daughter got covid at Texas A&M, she stayed in her room, took online classes and went back when she got over it.

Chico's dean sent everyone home after they had a few reports of kids in off campus housing getting sick.

My daughter hates the distance learning, but she is still doing very well in her classes
My kids have all been in person classes this year, they have shortened the school day by an hour, the middle/high school kids are on a Wednesday is remote day so they get caught up on assignments or do whatever the teachers assign. I think Wednesday was done so the teachers can focus on the remote kids, my kids say it's hit and miss if they get any new assignments that day, they enjoy sleeping in so it's all good with them. The schools have changed how they quarantine, early in the year if some kid got covid all the kids within 6 feet got quarantined also it didn't even have to be the student, one of my daughters got quarantined because she sat next to someone with a family member that had covid and the student tested negative. Now I get an email that says there was a covid exposure but my kid doesn't need to quarantine because they were wearing a mask and if they develop symptoms get tested and quarantine then.
Local school district is talking about remote learning into 2022 :rolleyes:

wife got a questionaire on how we want to do school for next year, so im not holding my breath.

#1 started kindergarten this year, as been all remote. so the wife is attempting to teach remotely while making sure my son participates in his two 40 min sessions and doing his work instead of just watching videos. #2 is supposed to start next year, if they continue this nonsense i will probably have to to quit my job to home school.
Tried doing preschool at home while the wife and I both worked full time and it was a cluster. He started a small church school the first week of January and they are doing daily temp checks before he's allowed in the school.
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