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HELP Iding Jeep CJ Gas tank


Zeus of the Sluice
May 20, 2020
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Currently working on getting this new to me cj7 back up and running. I suspected the in tank fuell pump supplying the JFI on the 258 went out. My suspicions were confirmed. I Pulled the gas tank and its pretty rusty inside. I cannot find a marking anywhere on the tank, Does anyone have any idea of brand/capacity? Its constructed of maybe 3/16" steel with diamond plate reinforcement on bottom to act as skid plate.
The electric pump itself looks to be similar, if not the same, as one from a YJ. There are two pressures used in YJs, low pressure, like 15 psi for '87-'90 TBI four cylinders, and high pressure, like 40 psi, for 91 and up 4.0l and 2.5L with multipoint efI. Your local parts store might have one, you can stare and compare there.

Aero Tanks and Con-Fer used to make CJ-7 fuel tanks back in the day, usually around 25 gallons. Maybe 28 from Aero.
Well i spoke to the only local rad shop left within reasonable distance. $600 to clean and line tank:eek:, $400 to repair radiator. they told me to go buy new tank and rad.. Guess ill be doing that.

Shame, this tank measures out to around 20 gallons, and bottom seems to be about 1/4" thick. But i dont want to spend all day or weekend for that matter trying to clean tank with muratic and reline, my time is more valuable to me so ill be buying a new tank and skid plate. Thanks for the input guys.

Any recommendation on plastic vs metal? This will be a weekend rig, so sitting quite a bit.
There were a lot of people making tanks up until the 90s including 4wd and crown.

Capacity depends on dimensions. Simple volume math cubic inches/231 = gallons
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