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Have you ever nammed a boat?

Spinnin in circles

Yamaha jet boat that no matter how you came to a stop/shut the engines off, it would always spin in a circle.

Could be worse

Shitty Jon boat we fixed up. Passed an even bigger piece of shit one day and all looked at each other and all at about the same time said could be worse. :laughing:
Didn't think that one through much. Did you know you had a minute to edit the title also? Dumas!:flipoff2:
Current boat is named The Whopper. Didnt pick it but like it, the original owner named her but shes been a great boat for the previous owner, number 2, so far we like her as well, number 3 owner.
my dad used to race sailboats out of long beach. when i was a kid he named our boats pooh/pooh ii ect, like in winnie the pooh.
when i get a boat ill name it the uss jackwagon. gonna be a jon boat, preferably v bottom.

RUGER :usa:
Last boat was Irish Wake. I didn’t name her, but i kept it
My last boat was named the Crappie Cadilac by it's original owner. I renamed it all one word- Aintcaughtshit… that boat is now dead and chopped up in a landfill somewhere.

I bought stickers to put all over my new boat naming it- hella impatient. Ever since I got into sand bass and striper fishing I spend a lot of time hauling ass around the lake looking for boils of fish!
Didn't think that one through much. Did you know you had a minute to edit the title also? Dumas!:flipoff2:

Acktually I did edit the title. This is my poor attempt at a spinoff of the "rammed a gate" "rammed a goat" etc threads. I didn't think with the title spelled correctly that people would make the connection...

Oh, and a friend named his fishin boat the "happy hooker" and there's one in my town called The Tincanic.
bought a boat called the hybrid house. Repainted it with white with blue and red stripes. (70s 26 foot daycruiser 454 berkley in metalflake brown. Yes I know, stupid decision)
Never gave it a new name. One shouldn't.
One of my old neighbors had a boat named Deas Knots.
Aluminium 12 foot V row boat, so no name in fact it has been years since it was in the water, gophers are using it for dirt storage
My old office manager (70 year old woman) named their boat "Money Shot" in her mind it meant money gone. We had to explain to her what a money shot was. She just called us pigs.
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