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Fuck FedEx


Central California
May 19, 2020
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Central California
Seriously, how does this place stay in business.

I rarely have companies that use them but over the past month 4 out 4 packages have been at least a week late.

This current one is now scheduled for the 23rd when it was the 16th. I changes back a day or two everyday.

A gallon of clear lacquer to finish a Xmas gift that'll not be able to finished now.

Last package I called customer service and the guy flat out said, it's at the distribution center. They're too busy to deliver it. You can go get it.

I drive all the way there......not there. No idea where it is.

Shows up 4 days later. 9 days past initiall tracking delivery due date

UPS is always here on the right date. Amazon as well, if not sooner. Even USPS is almost always on time.

Fuck FedEx
I am juts north of you about 120 miles (Fresno area ?) and get all my shit on time. Weird I know . . . . .
Yup, I was supposed to get a package of meat from my sister’s farm on Thursday.
I can't stand FedEx, if they're the only option for something I will cancel the order and use another supplier if I can. Seems like every time the deliver is scheduled for a Friday or Saturday they just decided to update the tracking info to "Business closed" even if it's shipping to my house because the driver wants to go home or take the day off. Call the DC that is a couple miles away and they always give the same "We'll call you when the truck gets back" runaround despite the truck likely never having left the warehouse.
Aunt was waiting for Perm Kits the other ladies at the shop got theirs on time but her's made it to the UPS distribution center but never made it to the shop, in fact it disappered . So she reordered she even went down and sat at the shop till 6pm last Saturday because it was supposed to be on the truck she finally got them on Wendsday
FedEx local routes are purchased. A guy that lives close to me owns a few routes. They hire any crack head with a drivers license. They usually drive clapped out pieces of shit and personally, not the type of people I want around my place let alone knowing what's being delivered.
^ I was about to write the same. Cancel the order via shipper - FedEx and get off your butt and source it locally.

They all have issues when it comes to deliveries.
My daughter had a package that said out for delivery last night. She was literally pacing by the door waiting for it to show up.

She checked the tracking on her phone about 6 o'clock and now it's not showing any estimated delivery information. Shes bummed, shes been waiting for this item for 4 or 5 weeks now. FedEx sucks.
FedEx is pretty good here, but UPS...I've been waiting 6 weeks for some tools to show up, I got an email at 615am on December 14: "we have attempted to deliver your package, it was been returned to hub. It will be held for pickup until noon December 14 before being returned to sender. Attempted delivery dates: December 13, December 14."

We were home all day on Sunday, and there's no way a UPS truck showed up before 615 on Monday morning.
Similar problem here. Have one package shows delivered haven’t seen it. (Not in a place where package theft is common and someone was home all day) and another that’s been out for delivery for the last 3 days. USPS has always been the fastest most reliable for me.
FedEx local routes are purchased. A guy that lives close to me owns a few routes. They hire any crack head with a drivers license. They usually drive clapped out pieces of shit...

I understand the part about buying routes, that makes them "contractors" & that the Grumman trucks have to look very decent w/logo. Home Delivery & Express uses vans...

The drivers must be college educated (some is fine) & have a year's experience in delivery. Yes; some are thieves-
I cannot get this stuff locally. Comes from New Jersey, and this shipped way before the "Apocalypse Blizzard" started. Waterborne Clear Lacquer isn't easy to source locally and besides, I need one of their cross linker products as well that would be impossible to buy locally.

Regardless, not the point. Every shipping company is going to have something go wrong. But 0-4 in the last 40 days is abysmal.

I am considering buying a new front link kit and they only ship FedEx. If I do buy it, I may fucking drive 10 hours to get it. I can't inagine how badly FedEx would fuckup 100s of pounds of metal.
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I just had a pre paid return package (warranty product) that I had to schedule through FedEx. Scheduling it took over 45 minutes with a woman who barely spoke English on a phone that must have had a static generator installed. Continuing the process using the tracking number already on the return label isn't good enough for FedEx, so they need to give you a pickup number. Fine, only this woman could not stumble through pronouncing the maybe 9 letters and numbers. I asked her to repeat the number at least five times and after writing down the three I could actually hear through the static I realized they were all different. Fuck this, send it. I don't care anymore.

Now the package pick up time has come and gone. I wait another 6 hours and still no FedEx driver. And of course it starts raining. Hard. I go out and retrieve the package. It took nearly two hours to finally get through to FedEx and, thank God, the dude speaks English very well (but is clearly not in the USA). I explain what happened only to be told that they have no record of my scheduled pickup, no record of my address, and now there is no record of the tracking number originally on the pre paid label. He only wants the newly issued pickup number. I gave him all 3 that I tried to record and explained that the woman I got it from wasn't the best at English and I eventually gave up because I reasoned the likelihood of ever needing the number was extremely small. Nope, once the label goes into the system and the pickup number is issued they can't look up anything by the old tracking number anymore. WTF. So now this dipshit literally REFUSES to move forward or offer a solution to the problem. He just sat there on the phone breathing into his microphone for several minutes at a time until I told him that I am indeed the prick he thinks I am and I have all fucking day to sit on the phone so he'd better come up with some options.

We finally arrive at a new scheduled time to have one of their highly trained drivers (meth addict in a rental Penske truck with a magnetic 12x12" FedEx sign stuck on the door usually) after entering all my information into their system again. He issues me a new pickup number which I forced him to repeat over and over again now that I've been informed of it's immense importance and value. I let him know exactly how shitty I think his company is and how from the moment I learned that Navien Water Heaters uses them for warranty I was afraid of dealing with this exact level of bullshit. I told him if this is how even the most basic of transactions typically goes I couldn't fathom how they ever make a single fucking dollar. He was very much done listening to me rant and I didn't want to hear him anymore so we ended that abortion of a phone call.

Now here is the most awesome part of this retarded transaction, and I'm not even fudging the truth a bit. After hanging up on the guy who did the reschedule I went upstairs and jumped in the shower. While upstairs one of my kids starts yelling for me. The FedEx pickup guy is standing in my driveway looking for the package he was supposed to pick up 10 hours ago and wants to know why it isn't where I said it would be according to his notes. The very same package that wasn't "entered in the system" correctly and "they had no record of". Isn't that the strangest thing? So I had my kid get the box and give it to the FedEx guy. Good riddance.

And what almost tops it is that several days later, on the rescheduled pickup date, a very nice young man from FedEx arrived to take the package that was scanned into the system 3 days prior. He seemed amused by it so I briefly explained all that had transpired. He told me that it happens all the time and that he hates working for them because they have zero organization and everything seems to be outsourced to foreign companies that screw everything up. Fuck FedEx indeed.

Clif's notes: FedEx sucks real bad and should never be used. By anyone. Ever. You have been warned.
I recently ordered about 1900 dollars of bike suspension.

They shipped it all FedEx, signature required.

The first box (the fork) has shown on vehicle for delivery for 10 days now. I don't think I'll be getting that one.

The second box (rear shock) was left on the porch with a forged signature.
Ah shit, I forgot about the signature part. Mine required a sig too. I kinda worked out because I was home on Covid Cootie quarantine so I would be there. When I went to DC to pick it up because I was going back to work the next day and it wasn't there, I asked if I could just sign something there since I wouldn't be home anymore during the day.

She said let me look. 10 fucking minutes later, she come back to me and says OH no....it needs an ADULT signature so you have to be there. :homer: I wanted to say WTF? You had to check on that and is there really a kid signature that is accepted? :rolleyes:

Anyways, when it was delivered, I wasn't there. Didn't sign shit. They left it. Forged signature
Also...not that this matters in your current case, but DHL has been on time with each delivery AND you generally get to talk to a LOCAL person on the phone when dealing with customer service. I needed two packages held for pickup, one for me and another for a co worker.
We’ve been having issues with all carriers, UPS has been the most reliable. USPS in our area has been terrible. We know quite a few people that have packages that are 2-3 weeks late with USPS.
Depends on the area.

FedEx was fucking awful at my old place and actually ended up making me lose a job because they were too lazy to deliver shit. Driver didn't like coming all the way up the driveway so he'd just say no one was home and return shit to the distribution center and I'd end up getting a notice to pick up days or weeks later. Had the distributor shit the bed in my truck, couldn't get a new one locally. Ordered overnight off Summit, sat around all day outside waiting on the FedEx truck. It never showed up, they didn't even attempt to deliver it and the status just changed to returned to sender. Only time I've ever been fired in my life. To Summit's credit, when I told them what happened they overnighted me another one at no cost and made sure it shipped via UPS instead of FedEx.

Had another time were I ordered a bumper for my Comanche. Obviously weighed quite a bit being steel. First attempt the driver left a delivery attempt notice and blacked out the part where you can sign for them to dropoff without you in sharpie. I signed over the black with a white paint pen and left a note asking them to just roll it out the truck where ever. No one was going to steal it where I lived and it was raw steel so no finish to fuck up. I get home from work and the asshole ripped the note and notice up and threw it all over my porch and then left another tag with the sig part blacked out. I was fucking livid. Called FedEx and they basically told me tough shit, I'd have to pick it up at the distribution center that was like 30 miles from my house at the time.

Where I'm at now they're fine. I just got a package from Kansas City that was supposed to be 3 day the next day from FedEx.
Never had a problem with UPS anywhere I've ever lived.

Every thing I've ordered this year that's come USPS has been late. Package I was supposed to get yesterday didn't show up to the local distro center until like 4 PM yesterday and now doesn't have a delivery date. That package shipped from Arizona like 10 days ago.
USPS here is fucking awful. There was a Congressional investigation recently into the local PO because they flat out just weren't delivering mail. My carrier doesn't show up until almost 9 daily and it's not uncommon to see the mail trucks out here as late as 11.
We’ve been having issues with all carriers, UPS has been the most reliable. USPS in our area has been terrible. We know quite a few people that have packages that are 2-3 weeks late with USPS.

Same. I was told Covid and xmas season was the reason behind lates and no shows. Last year was a little rough around this time but it's a whole lot worser this year.
This year I went for "In stock only" pick up orders from local stores. Last year was a shit show, stressed me out having things that I ordered in November showing "in transit" for 3 weeks. I just had exactly that happen with a pair of shoes for myself and they didn't even fit.
I prefer FedEx. It may get there late, but at least it's usually in one piece. Roughly 1/2 the parts shipped into work are damaged that come UPS. They ignore any package labels about "This Side Up", "Do Not Bend", "Top Load Only" and just throw shit around. I can't conveniently remember how many grilles and trim pieces I have gotten broken that clearly have foot prints on the packaging. Fuck UPS in their brown ass.
I've been shipping international several times a week with FedEx for 25 years. They've lost one package since 1994. Not bad, going to Australia, France, Ukraine, Mexico, etc.
Here in Canada, we can still buy guns and have them mailed to our house.
Naturally, they will be shipped signature required.
I've had a couple pistols, 3 shotguns, and probably half a dozen rifles left on the front porch. Never a signature, despite the clear requirement on the label. I did have to sign for the stock I ordered for my model 70 though.
Any order I've had that's required a signature has been signed COVID by the delivery person.
Out here it was ups... for the :oh boy here we go again...
it is now incompetence season.
so all 3 are fukt.
Although fed ex did pull the same shit on my last delivery.
The alarm company ADT makes FedEx look like a well run company. You have no idea about the level of incompetence a company can achieve
fedex sucks and ontrac is worthless

Ontrac is real hit or miss here. They usually handle my Summit Racing orders and they're great. They were the only option for a set of tires I bought from TireRack last year, fucking retards marked it "Delivered" where I work after we'd closed for the day, the next day they showed up at about 4:55 with three tires, 4th one showed up the next day. Not surprising since the driver was just running around in a van with a big pile of shit in the back, didn't even have shelves.
The alarm company ADT makes FedEx look like a well run company. You have no idea about the level of incompetence a company can achieve

Try canceling your ADT service... holy fuck what a mess. Took 4 tries, first couple reps basically refused to do anything for me. Ended up calling in the middle of the night and got someone who didn't give enough of a shit to feed me the whole scare tactic bullshit and just took my card off the auto-pay for the account.
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