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Ford 9" Axle Shaft Question...


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May 21, 2020
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I picked up a complete 9" this weekend for the Bronco. Guy said it was out of an 84' Bronco. This thing has spent its whole life in Pennsylvania so the tag is really hard to read. I tore it all down, pulled the shafts, and noticed some of the splines were pretty worn, so I'm just going to replace them. Log onto Rock Auto and find a Dana Spicer shaft, but it says this: DANA 2022591 {#D6TZ4234A} SVL; Length: 31.83"; Spline: 31 Info
Rear; For Axle Stamped WDM-CC1/CF/CF1/CL/DB/DB1/DD; with 9.00 IN Diameter Ring Gear

My axle tag, what I think is, WFE BK2 3M20 L50 9 319D...those are the numbers I think I can read.

Any of you a Ford 9" glossary and know if those Dana shafts will fit mine? I can pull a measurement and count splines, but I'm not sure if that's all that is needed. This is my first 9" and it's going into a vehicle that won't be beat on off road, so no need for RCV axles or something else for abuse.

Well there are no dana axle shafts @31spl. Get measurements. Verify wheel bearing and bolt pattern.

I took measurements. It's right around 32", 31 spline, it's 5x5.5 bolt pattern. Not sure what to check with the wheel bearing.
Just pn .

Well, I was hoping to get axle shafts on the cheap, but looks like I'll just go with the USA Standard that Rock Auto carries. $265 shipped for two. I'll take the bearings to the local parts store. They sell a large selection of Timken bearings. Should be able to make sure it's the right size through them.
Broncograveyard . com sells them by the pair for a reasonable price with Timken bearings and studs.
So uhhhhh.....you ever order the cheap ones, or get some new axles?
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