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Just click on the whats new. Flecker Irate4x4 bombed the whole site. B e a u tiful!
Figures that he made the same post inside his Toyota Van thread and I can’t find it over here. Found this thread searching his name. But not his account.
Jesus. Not sure I’ll bother to follow the van thread if I do. I think someone had a bit much all alone last night with nothing better to do.
I had to log in to see GCC. He was certainly on a roll.
He bumped a thread I posted almost 12 years ago


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It's the little things that make you smile

and an otherwise boring day tolerable.

One of the ladies here came by to drop off my pay stub. Now mind you, she's wearing a white sweater and there's a black smudge over her nipple. It was apparent that there was a spot as I could see it even out of the corner of my eye. I said "Not that I'm looking at your boobs, but what did you bump into"?

The answer was the FedEx box, but the best part is that she stood in my office rubbing and swatting at her boob to get the spot out. She later came back to demonstrate how she was covering it in the other offices, and to tell me that one of the other women wanted her to put water on it. I told her that was a brilliant idea and thanked the other lady. :laughing:

Sometimes it's the little things that breath life and enjoyment into an otherwise blah day.

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