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May 19, 2020
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How many fire extinguishers do you own, where do you keep them, and what size?

Not how many you wish you had.
Not how many you are suppose to have,.
Not how many you want.

But right now, how many that are in working order?
One in the shop and one in each truck. I should check if the truck ones are still charged.
One in the house, one in the shop, two in the office, and one on the trail rig. All in working order.
all my extinguishers are ABC

one in the truck
one on the wall in the kitchen near the stove
one near fire place
one near work bench in basement
You'd think as a fire protection guy I'd have the best extinguishers, Fire alarms, and residential fire sprinkler systems in the county. I probably do, but sadly my fire system is waiting for a pump and tank so that's inoperable, my fire alarms are run of the mill, and i only have 1 extinguisher in the kitchen... putting that in writing really makes me mad at myself:mad3:
All mine are in working order/charged and 5lb ABC:
Shop (4)
Garage (3)
House (1)
Cars (0)
One in the kitchen pantry, one in the garage, one in the off road car.
Three in the shop, two in the kitchen, three by the stove, and one in the basement. Couldn't tell you the ratings or whatever.

oh, the grills have one each as well.
How many fire extinguishers do you own, where do you keep them, and what size?

Not how many you wish you had.
Not how many you are suppose to have,.
Not how many you want.

But right now, how many that are in working order?

10 lb extinguisher in my garage back next to my favorite table to weld/grind/cut on.. kidna debating putting that or another one closer to the front of the garage so I don't have to run past any flames to get to it/escape, but I like having it close by in the riskiest spot.
5 lb extinguisher in my jeep mounted to a quick release on the cage just below the windshield so both driver and passenger and get to it.
5 lb extinguisher under the passenger seat of the motorhome
Uhhh... that's it.
edit: All ABC

I need to put something in my house. We have sprinklers in both the house and garage, but it sure would be nice to put a fire out before it comes to that.

Also need one in our truck. It goes camping to remote areas quite a bit, would suck to get stranded because of an engine fire

Lastly I need to buy another 5 lb one for the wife's new jeep.

I also am considering these. Expensive, but light and supposedly more effective than a traditional extinguisher:

element_e50_1_1024x1024.jpg?v=1607982311.jpg - Click image for larger version Name:	element_e50_1_1024x1024.jpg?v=1607982311.jpg Views:	0 Size:	61.0 KB ID:	235954

one in the kitchen pantry ABC
two in the garage ABC
two on the buggy HalGuard

all in working condition
1 in the kitchen, 2 in the garage, 2 in the RV

set a truck on fire once and my wife has kept us in fire extinguishers ever since :laughing:
Two in the garage, one in the house. A 5lb on the work bench and a 10lb by the door leading into the house, it's either a 1lb or 2lb under the sink in the kitchen. I check them every six months like the smoke detectors.
Home depot had them on sale a month ago so I replaced all my ancient ones...garage, kitchen and both cars.
1 in the garage.
1 In the RV .
2 in the Jeep
I used to have a 20lb in the kitchen under the sink, but I gave it to my neighbor who's autistic son is prone to setting fires in their house.
3 in shop
1 in house
1 in each vehicle (3)
1 in Jobsite toolbox
One in the living room next to the fireplace, a couple in the shop, one in the 4runner, one in my truck, three in my Jeep. That sounds like a really bad assessment of what I'm concerned about catching fire.
1 15lb abc in the kitchen 1 15lb abc in the garage
1 5lb abc in the truck

all amerex.
One 5lb ABC centrally located in the house, by the door from the kitchen to the garage so its easy to get to for the two most likely places a fire is gonna happen. Really should be at least a 10lb. Need to put one in my old pickup too just haven't gotten around to it.
1x 5lb under the kitchen sink.
1x 10lb in the garage

2x 5lb on the play truck cage
1x 10lb in the tow pig bed tool box

All very accessible.
I should probably get another 10lb for the garage.
When I moved into my current place I bought a two pack, because responsible adult or whatever, and put one in the garage and one under the sink in the kitchen. My camper has the original ancient "fun size" extinguisher that it came with when new. Is there an age when old extinguishers should no longer be trusted, even if whatever status indicator they have shows that they are still good?

And now that y'all make me think of it, I should get one for the truck too.
just one in the kitchen. that one is probably outdated. Good thread, I need to upgrade and update.
One, maybe two in the kitchen, one outside back door and one on the tractor.

Reminds me I need to put one in the truck.
1 in the laundry/mud room which is attached to the kitchen.

1-2 in the shop depending on if the buggy is in there.

1 in the camper.
2x 5 lb ABC dry chem in the house - one in the kitchen, one between the reloading area and down the hallway from the master bedroom
10lb ABC in the shop
2.5gal water on the camping trailer
I have a small 1lb ABC for the car but haven't decided where to mount it in the dadwagon
2 crappy plastic head ones in the boat
And an old SCBA airpack charged in my master closet, but thats more if someone were to try and gas me or some large scale leak. 5 more scuba tanks full if need be down the hall.

My house is directly across the road from a hydrant. Been tempted to get 200ft of 1.5 line and a nozzle just in case. I have a hydrant wrench already
None, but my whole apartment is concrete, floor cover is vinyl plank. Only shit in the apartment that's really flammable is my bed, clothes, cabinets, and computer chair. If there was for some reason a fire I couldn't easily put out without an extinguisher I can get out of any window in the place easily. I think the highest one is like maybe 7' off the ground to the bottom of the window.
ABC suck and fail while your stuff burns.

2 5lb in garage.

1 5lb in kotchen and one 2.5

2 halon equivalent per SxS

2 5lb in basement

PO of my home had them all over.
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