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May 19, 2020
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If your lucky enough to own one of the finest factory off road vehicles ever produced post up.

Back story (if there is one)

Lets see what you got.

here's mine... well its technically Mrs.12785's

1970 U14
170 I6 all original

We bought it a couple years ago from a guy in Utica who did a very shitty restoration on it. Right now were just focusing on reducing the tetanus factor, but have a few updates planned for simple dirt road festivities (no real wheeling near by).

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My 71 and the painting my wife had done for one of my birthdays.

I already posted a picture in the introductions page, but what the hell, I'll post it again :flipoff2:

IMG_4383.jpg - Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_4383.jpg Views:	0 Size:	319.3 KB ID:	9525

I bought both of them back in March as a package deal. I had always wanted an early Bronco, but since the prices on them have skyrocketed in the last 8 years or so, I had just about resigned myself to never owning one. I was perusing Classic Broncos and as chance would have it there was a guy local to me trying to thin out his herd (He had 4 EBs). The guy was super cool and ended up giving me a :smokin: deal for the two, which had been sitting in a field for a while and are in need of some serious love in the sheetmetal department..

The camo one is a '73 302 3 speed truck with 3" lift, ARB front, Detroit in the rear with Currie axles. I didn't realize it had the lockers or Currie axles when I made the deal, so that was a nice surprise when I got it home and started tinkering with it. The hood and front fenders are fiberglass, and it looks like it was used in some kind of tough truck or mud racing. The previous owner bought it out of Colorado back in 2014. I got it running with minimal effort (new fuel pump and rubber lines as well as your standard tune-up parts), and it actually runs pretty good! I plan to be doing a full build on it very soon, so keep your eyes pealed for a build thread.

The Red one is a '75 302 C4 truck with an old 2.5" front & rear dual shock James Duff lift. The thing is a rust bucket (Flinstone floors), and the PO robbed the radiator and power brake booster and master cylinder out of it, so it is going to take a bit more work to get that one going. It has a cooler history though. The guy the previous owner bought it from bought it back in '91 from a Mazda dealership in San Angelo Texas for $3,900 and kept every record and receipt for it including fuel economy and mileage logs. He drove the wheels off the thing all over southern New Mexico throughout the '90s. I don't understand how this rig has so much damn rust having lived in New Mexico (especially the southern part of the state) for the majority of the last 30 years and having come from the western portion of Texas before that.

Here's an example of one of the pages in his log book:
IMG_4491.JPG - Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_4491.JPG Views:	8 Size:	308.6 KB ID:	9533

Both the rigs have the factory big bearing 9"s which is a nice bonus as well.
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​​​​​​Was going to build a wheeler. Got a 14bolt, Dana 60 king pin, Artec trusses, and all the brackets and heim joints to 4 link the rear and three link the front. Also got a full set of king coiloivers.

Really wondering how much wheeling I would do with kids in sports and a busy life in general. Really thinking of liquidating all the wheeling parts and build I nice Luber that I could daily drive.

Here’s my 73 I purchased about 12 years ago. I was told it should have went to the junk yard. As of now it’s has 3.5 suspension with custom arms. And a 1 inch body lift. I’ve upgraded the shock mounts and a few other things. I have a full width 44/9 axles to go in that will have a truss,lockers and using ruffstuff +2 spring perches. Also have a explorer 5.0 engine to go in.



Hilariously enough, the only pic I have on my new laptop is the pic we made into a Christmas card for our attorney. Long story short, was briskly driving the Purple Panty Dropper home and letting the 347 stroker stretch its legs after picking up a pizza from Papa Murpheys which triggered an leo and we were both arrested. All charges were ultimately dropped and we both won lawsuits for unlawful arrest :lmao: Anyways, this is my '71, I also have a '75 Sport. '75 is mostly stock, the purple one has all the usual mild upgrades (347, Duff suspension, hot C4, twinstick etc).

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1974 Bronco

Started off reasonable enough with a 302/C4 combo on some 32's....

Bronco 2008.jpg

Then came the Fi-Tech 600PA 450HP 351W with a Twisted Demon built C4 connected to an Atlas 2 3.8. D60/10.25 with 5.38's and some 43" SX's to test the limits of everything from the gas pedal back. RCV's and 1410 drivelines have yet to give up under my relentless beating, scales over 5200 before it has to carry my "petite" frame around.


There is roughly a decade between photos, loved every minute of it.

Bronco 2008.jpg
72. Blew it apart for a full frame up hardcore rebuild over 10 years ago. I managed to get the ton axles installed, 5.8, C6 203/205 all hung and a belly pan, even got the body dropped back on the frame and the 40s on recentered hummers installed...…….and then life got busy and it has been sitting. Maybe I can get back to it someday.

The unit I am waiting on work to resume so I can finally finish it this winter.

72, 357 Windsor, c6, black box, 205.
coils All around on 42s.
My '68 U15.

Granddad bought it new here in Colorado Springs in Oct. 1967. He used it primarily for his hunting and snow vehicle and it is the first vehicle I ever went offroad in . From the late '70s to early '90s all it was used for was towing airplanes around at our aircraft maintenance business. In the early '90s he gave it to my cousin and it went to live in Vallejo, CA. while my cousin owned it he had the engine rebuilt and bumped up to 302 C.I. (originally a 289) and had the trans & t-case overhauled, moved the shifter to the floor as well as other fixes it needed. In 2008 my cousin was killed on his motorcycle and it ended up sitting at my Aunt's ranch in Vacaville until 2018. In 2018 she contacted me and said it needed to come home to CO and asked if I wanted it - I responded with a "hell yes" and it got transported to my house. I've cleaned up the engine bay, added the shiny valve covers & air cleaner, and other little things. I need to rebuild and re-jet the carb and lots of other stuff.

Some specs:
302 w/ World Products heads, Comp Cams Magnum roller tip rockers, Comp cams camshaft, Edelbrock Performer, Holley 4160 600cfm, Pertronix ignition and dual exhaust.
3 speed manual trans, manual drum brakes, manual steering
D30 & 9" with factory 4.10/4.11 gears
1986 vintage Centerline Prostock wheels

Future plans are for a thorough body-off restomod build.



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1970 Bronco, that I've had since 1997.
What it looked like in 1997

In 1998 I installed a SEFI 5.0 from a 1990 mustang, finished a week before I drove it halfway across the country to college.
It was used on the Rubicon when I was in CA, and wheeled OK and AZ when I was at school

Since then it has gone through several iterations, it was a daily driver through high school and college, then started to get more serious.
In 2001 I put Dana 60's under it with detroits, 35 spline shafts and 5.38's on 38.5's
Then in 2002 I decided to section and Narrow the body 6" and 13" out of the grill.

That was followed in 2005 by stretching the body 9" and the wheelbase 15", along with replacing the np435 and Dana 20 with a ZF, 203, 205 combo clocked flat.
I had a whole crew from my club that came to get it wheelable to spend a week at the Hammers for my bachelor party.

Pretty much how it has stayed for the last 15 years, although it has gained full hydraulic steering, a SEFI 5.8 replaced the 5.0, and Coilovers went on the front.
Currently back under the knife actually going back more streetable, adding hydroboost, and reworking the body to fit doors again.
I've owned my bronco since 1995.
IT's got a gutless 5.0 / C4, with 1979 Dana 60 front and 35 spline 9 inch rear.
The grill was narrowed and the front end pinched, I can't recall how much.
Currently on 42's.

The sand tires just makes me laugh

Mark_Harris (19).jpg
Mark_Harris (14).jpg
Mark_Harris (17).jpg
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