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Does your rig fit in your garage?


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Jun 8, 2020
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Some of you have probably ran into this problem before. Built the rig in the garage on jackstands. If I put the wheels on I cant get it out :laughing:

I suppose I could pull the valve cores but I would rather not have to deal with the bead coming unseated. Thinking of building a dolly with some heavy duty casters for under the axle tubes and take wheels off/on to go in/out of garage when needed.

Anyone else run into this? What did you do to cope?
Cut a hole at the top of the garage? Build a new shop?
HF Wheel dollys, set them on the rotors
thats what I did when I did my motor.
And no my doors are one extra panel so no issue in and out.:lmao:
my 4runner on 37s fits with a couple extra inches to spare :flipoff2:

the next project has no chance in hell :laughing:
How much do you need?

A lot of standard homes have 2"-3" of trim that can easily be removed for more clearance.
I had to fold the windshield frame down on the Jeep to get it out of the garage. I have had to build the roll cage outside in the driveway because I don’t have the overhead height to do it. It will not go back in the garage now with the cage in it.
I built a new shop :flipoff2:
built 90% of the project in the old garage now I have the new shop 8 years old now I don't built shit.
Glad I went from 7 to 8 foot doors on the attached garage when we built...
It might, if it wasnt for the boat and jeep taking up the space, the jeep could roll around on HF wheel dollies if it werent for the other assorted crap that needs to be gone thru and tossed in the trash.
Yep, even loaded on the F750. 14' doors!

This is gcc, so I'm sure all the miatas and crosstecs fit fine :flipoff2:​​​​​​

I'm building 2 rigs on 42s in my garage, my father in laws YJ and a stupid 99 suzuki sidekick. Both should have no issues fitting through the door.

The jeep was on leafs before and sat pretty high, we had to let the air out to get it in. My plan is 6" lower than it was.

Sidekick is spua rear and I cut everything off at the motor mounts to make sure it will sit low, while actually having up travel. Whatever sheet metal is in the way will be cut, including part of the rear doors and maybe rear hatch :laughing:
I adjusted the up travel stop on my garage door opener and got another 4".
I'm probably taking my Jeep out in pieces and reassembling it like a grownup Lego kit outside. I could've put two tires on it in the garage, but with how it's wedged between my toolbox and my mill, I can only put the left rear and right front tires on where it's sitting.

My last buggy fit, but my Jeep seems about the size of the bastard offspring of a monster truck and a bus by comparison, so it's a bit tighter. The assortment of crap I've collected-up over the intervening fifteen years might have something to do with it too. Being that the chassis is only 10" wider and 16" longer, and it's going on the axles/wheels/tires from the buggy, the crap collection is the bigger issue.

I have pulled stuff out before on wheel centers (to avoid actually rolling on rotors).
Who's the dude who cut a section of garage wall out so his deuce would fit?
I have an 8' tall door and 10' ceilings so yes, mine fits in and out when I choose to have it in. It's going in tonight because I have the top down and took it to lunch.
Do like the dude in Maine and sawzall that bitch, if it’s in your neighbors garage.
With the Landcruiser, I would take the winch rope and go under the front and rear end and hook to the rear bumper so I could cinch the suspension down. Went in and out just fine with 43's after that.
Pffft. My motorcycle barely fits in my garage. That's for tools, parts, and broken shit I might possibly need a piece off of some day.

Outside in a foot of snow and a 30mph wind is for rigs.

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