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Do not use wood burning fireplace for supplemental heating?

My house has 2 fire places in it , one is just a fire place the other has an insert inside it . We burn a lot of wood from the property that has fallen or we or the neighbors have taken down . I have a contact that will split and stack for 100.00 a day . Not worth me renting the splitter and hurting my back worse than it is for this price .
Dad used a wood burning furnace for 20 years piped into the duct work. The only downside is hauling. Cutting, splitting, stacking and feeding fire wood.

Other than that its awesome. Its also a mandatory workout unless you like being cold:flipoff2:

[486 said:

just throw them in the melting pot lol
fuck digging rocks outta 9x19 brass, that's almost like spending any effort at all on .40 brass :flipoff2:

I was kinda down on the waste oil idea because of all the fucking wood I got laying around
but, if I do it right with like a siphon nozzle and electronic ignition I can make it run itself, no need to feed the shit twice a day to keep the pipes from freezing

oh and they started charging 50 cents a gallon to pick up waste oil so where I used to work is now super fucking happy that I pick up a portion of what they make
the trans flush machines were easy to set up to drain separate, it's generally cleaner, and that shit runs in diesels with less thinner than engine oil, so woohoo? Figuring on setting up the oil burner to run on the engine oil garbage.

With 5$ fuel coming get it while you can before they start paying for it again. In 6 months mopac a grease collection co went from getting paid to remove kitchen grease to paying for it and bitching when the tank was empty :emb: had a friend that made bio so yeah I don't know why the tank was always empty:D
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