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Bushings for chevy spring swap


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Jun 8, 2020
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I got a set of leafs from a early 2000s silverado that I am swapping onto an s10. Bushings are shot and plan on replacing them before install. I noticed the bolt hole on front bushing is different than rear bushing. So if I get a set of bushings for this application they are likely going to have different size bushing sleeves front and rear.

I would rather have them all be 9/16. Where do I get these bushings?

Also, this is kind of a throwback, does anyone still run those bearing type bushings from back in the day? Orbit eyes or something like that? Is there products like that still around?
I knocked the bushings out today and got them all cleaned up. The end of the spring with the big eye is 2" ID. I could not find any bushings for that size on ruff stuff. I happened to have some stashed here that fit the other end perfect. Is there a chart somewhere i can look up bushings by size instead of application?
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