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Batteries For a 24v Winch Set Up

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May 19, 2020
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Would a deep cycle and the vehicle's battery be enough to power a 24v winch?

Or would I need dedicated twin deep cycles?

I'm looking at the Warn 24v M12000 winch.

I decided 20+ years ago when I do procure a winch, it'll be either a hydraulic or a 24v.

Witnessing the 12v in action for 43+ years, and then seeing a hydraulic and a 24v work it's wonder; I was sold on the 24v/possibly the hydraulic.

Watching the KoH years ago with the European teams using modified winches; it only strengthen my decision.
12 volt vehicle with 24v winch? How do you plan on charging both batteries?

I think there's a reason to not mismatch batteries, but you can probably get away with it.

12v to 24v stepup if you want to use 2 batteries and keep the whole rest of the car 12V. other option would be to series wire the batteries and set everything else up for 24v OR just "step down" the 12V things that you need.

starter would probably be fine on 24V


24v to 12v step down, pick how many amps your whatever circuit needs and get a stepdown that will work for it. ECU/Radio/Etc.
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Many LED lights work on a range of voltages so that may not be thing to worry on. ECM would be an issue.
The charging box is called a top charger.

but the only thing the OP actually needs is a series parallel switch, this lets the 2nd battery charge when its not needed and then switched to 24v configuration when it is needed.

I have "one" of these switches to sell.

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I went thru this a little trying to figure out a slick way to power a plug for my 24v welder, and I found a couple possible options.

Series/Parallel switch from a big truck.

And there was some charging box for guys with 24v trolling motors with a weird name, cant remember now.

Never went to far with it
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