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axle I'd help please

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May 19, 2020
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trinity center ca
Got my hands on some wierd axles and the more I look at the the more I wtf.

I got the naked housings first and though some one chopped them up and put d44 flanges on them but no. The registers not right and they're wildly different widths

The I went back and grabbed the assembled housings thinking they were fj40 stickers. But they're not. No diff cover and wrong bolt pattern.

Not samurai either.



Any idea on ratio? I’d assume some sort of HD equipment because of the bolt on knuckles. I’m lost too, looks like toy birf and weird knuckles with 5x5.5 pattern.
And the 3rd flanges look like toyota.

I doubt its equipment because theres 2 sets. That shit is so custom and few/far between I couldnt imagine this guy having 2 sets of the same shit.

Nissan patrol?
Land rover?
Looks similar to Rover Defender Axles.

could those be the old dodge military axles? I was looking for a set and came across some similar looking but I believe they had the drive flanges front and rear, no lockouts.
No. Rover is right. A d makes sense. The guy i got them from did a big rover rebuild before i came around . He had the motor left overs and other random shit from that build.
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