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Are teachers actually working harder?

my wife is middle school special ed teacher. she is on the verge of quitting daily, mainly because the district is constantly changing things. on top of that she has to do IEPs, but the district is not giving her the ability to do this, so she is supposed to write is legal binding document on how these kids will get extra support to succeed having never met them, no way to test their aptitude, ooh and soon as they go back into the classroom the type of support will change and she will have to go back and change the document.

it is a giant mess for her, toss in as she is at home trying to manage our son who started kinder this year and technologically challenged. good times at home
We're doing in class, The issue we are running into is parents don't seem to understand the no tolerance policy on any obvious symptoms allowed, So a kid comes in sick, has contact with the personnel, then the kid AND the personnel get sent home for a 2 week quarantine. This leaves the remaining personnel short handed to cover more kids. I know that available subs are nonexistent around here. I'm not sure if the work is harder, but it's not how they were trained and always done it. Frustration with ever changing rules from the State is high, and do to forced distancing, it is way less fun for the kids, making them less receptive to learning. Sucky deal all around.

In my county there are apprx 3900 students, 600 are doing virtual learning
my wife teaches in person right now, and my son in kindergarten is in person learning, its twice as hard because everyone freaks out over a little thing, must clean rooms, toys, books etc which requires more time and also takes focus away from "learning" ( i say that because school is bullshit). More hours for same or less pay. yay
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