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Another spinoff, bands/shows you wish you could have seen?

Tin Roof

May 20, 2020
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We were in Vegas on vacation with friends in March of ‘03 and Audioslave was on their first tour and playing at the Hardrock. Nobody else I was with knew who they were or what incredible combination of talent came together to form Audioslave and didn’t want to go see them. I still wish I would have said I was going even if it was by myself. Both of my sons are big fans of Rage Against the Machine (their music not their politics) and like to bring this up every once in awhile to rub it in.

There’s a few other bands I wish I could have seen, but another one that stands out is Van Halen. I would have really liked to watch Eddie play his extended Eruption solo live.
Ramones. Had a chance to see them in NYC in 1989 but they canceled at the last minute and a bunch of unknowns I had never heard of filled in, they were Soundgarden.
I moved to central OR for a while to find work 20+ years ago. The night after I left WA powerman 5000 played a tiny venue local to me. A buddy was there he said it was wild, it was such a small place that the people that were crowd surfing were being bounced off the ceiling by the crowd. I never did find work and ended up moving back. :homer:
Conway Twitty, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton,Kenny Rogers, a shitload of punk bands that never make it anywhere near me or play a show 3 hours away on a Tuesday....

Edit, forgot Merle Haggard
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Audio slave.
rage against the machine
Eric clapton guitar fest (any of them)

I bought tickets to stone temple pilots at the brady in tulsa, they canceled cause he went into a rehab, and then he overdosed about 6 months later.

The steeldrivers.

any old rock bad that no longer plays or exists

Type o negative

Soulfly big day out 1999 show. Watched it on youtube, looked like it would have been a wild show to be at.
Primus in the 90s

I would have liked to see tool in the aenema days when he was spazzing around on stage in front and less of a pompus ass. Specifically the show where he was dressed up as a preacher and the show was like a sermon. Plus some of those openers they had in that era were amazing!
Daid Allan Coe was in Sac a few years ago, before I committed us to go with tickets the wife made other plans
Guy Clark

George Jones -I had tickets, but he pulled the ultimate "no show" and died.

And numerous bands whom have gone super political over the past 10 years so I won't see.

The struts - they played at a super small theater in town before they got super famous. I ended up seeing them a year later but at a much larger venue.

Edit: growing up where i did, i was lucky to be able to see a TON of shows and a ton of the "greats"
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Turnpike Troubadours. Got to see all the other acts I wanted to see.
rage against the machine

I had the pleasure of seeing RATM twice. At one of the shows I dropped acid while standing in line. They were handing out glowsticks because of some strange fire code so people wouldn't light their lighters. Towards the end of the show there was a huge glowstick "fight". I was losing my mind.
Drive-By was in Wichita a few years ago at a little bar. Doubt they will ever be again.

Now that I have kids I have only gone to one concert and it was Lynard Skynard. It was a sit down concert. I dont like sit down concerts I like punch, stomp, shove, kick your way to the front mosh pit concerts.
Tom Petty & the HB's. A buddy was their FOH engineer and I was waiting for them to come to Phoenix so I could hang out with him at the console.
The Who before Moon died and in a smaller venue somewhere.
Pink Floyd on The Wall tour. They played in SoCal and NorCal, and I was poor and in Central Cal.
The original Lynyrd Skynyrd at the height of their power.
Cannonball Adderley in some small smokey jazz club 1963 or so.
Little Feat while Lowell George was still alive.
Stevie Ray Vaughn...just one more time.
Clutch and Corrosion of Conformity at 16st Tavern circa 99-2000
Mastadon with Clutch at red rocks a few years ago they did Blood and Thunder with Neil
Gojira at red rocks
Read a Rolling Stone article from April 2020 and he claims to be clean and sober, and that he's not ruled out getting the band back together. Dude is a songwriting genius.

I hope that's true. Coming from you saying that about him means a lot and you're 100% correct.
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