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Adjusting Rear Brake Drums via Braking in Reverse

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May 19, 2020
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No Country For Old Men
Vehicle: '94 Ford Bronco XL
Rear axle: '87 Ford Sterling 10.25 dually (with factory LS)

Does it really work?

If it does; how should I brake:
1) Hard/lock'em up?
2) Firm, but no lock up.
3) Regular braking.

Additional info:
Rear pads are at approx. 50% remaining
Said axle was installed/swapped-in Summer '20.
Have driven approx. 5,000~ miles since install.

Of course; opinions/suggestions are always welcome :beer:
Normal braking in reverse will adjust them. It’s designed so that normal day to day driving will keep the shoes adjusted (backing out of garage, parking spot, etc).

Once the adjusting screw and levers inside the drum get rusty and crusty there’s no guarantee they’ll still automatically adjust. When you swapped the axle, did you do anything inside the drum as far as cleaning or lubing? Is there a reason you think they need adjustment?
It's the action of braking that adjusts them. Has nothing to do with how long or how hard you brake. When you hit the brakes in reverse, the shoes engage the drum and everything kind of pivots. This action moves a lever that spins the adjuster. When you let off, the whole mechanism resets and pushing the brake pedal again will start the whole Rube Goldberg mechanism in motion again. This is of course if everything hasn't corroded which happens frequently.
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