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60/14b Steering solutions


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Jan 15, 2021
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In the process of this swap and interested in what others have done for steering.

Whatcha got?
I did the the artec weld on cross over, but if i was to do it again id go with this...

99-04 F-250/350 Crossover Steering Conversion – Sky Manufacturing (skysoffroaddesign.com)
Ford Dana 60 BallJoint Project Arms – Sky Manufacturing (skysoffroaddesign.com)
Ford Dana 60 Ball Joint Axle High Steer Kit – Sky Manufacturing (skysoffroaddesign.com)

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I am also in the process of swapping an 05+ D60 and a 14 bolt under a JKU using Artec and a Reid R/H knuckle. I will probably use the stock tie rods / sleeve and fab a drag link with DOM tube and GM 1 ton ends. It will be mostly street driven so I am not going to use Heim joints.

The Artec Aluminum Kit is nice but I am not going to pay $1100. https://www.artecindustries.com/sdsteering-al

Currie makes some nice tie rods with replaceable cartridges. https://www.rockjock4x4.com/jk-9703-tie-rod-and-drag-link-ends-2
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