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May 19, 2020
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No Country For Old Men

Finished swapping in the rear 1ton under the Bronco.

Bled the brakes and went for it's maiden drive in FWD.

Anyone else living the life of a hermit even during the 4th of July?
NY Sirloin for dinner with a nice Guiness. Momma is giving kiddo a tubby. Call of Duty for a little bit.
In, not doing shit until dark well a little before dark my daughter's two so I got some snakes and sparklers. She is going to have a couple of friends over and we're grilling.
In I suppose, had some leftover Delmonico steak , mashed taters and baby carrots, it was better than lastnight :)
No company, no parties. I'm hoping to take advantage of the cooler night and get some work done on the Dodge in the morning.
Fixed up the driveway a bit early in the day, then worked on cleaning up a bit of woods near the house. Made sure the rifle still works. Cooked shrimp kabobs for dinner and in the ac for the night.
Gf's kid woke up at 7am puking his guts out and running a fever. So our plans went out the window. I'm binge watching shameless and drinking redull. I'm not gonna complain about that
In. Two grocery sacks of fireworks was $100 dollars. Dang I don’t remember them being that expensive when I was a kid but Im sure my parents thought the same thing. Im waiting till it cools off so my 8yr old can attempt to lose a finger. It will probably cool off around November, but I doubt he will wait that long.
In. No friends and no life. Tuned up the blades on the belly mower best I could, ground my welds from the other day down and slid it under the tractor. Still needs work bit hopefully it will last through the season. Was hoping to replace the broken sprocket hub on the deathkart, between heat and bugs it didnt happen. Probably read dog training books and hold down the couch.
Our usual celebrate it at home in the USA ain't happening this year so due to the shit weather we are just chillin' at home and lamenting the fact that we should have been at a Scorpions concert tonight.

Instead of my OG Coors it's a Grey Goose and 7 night. Might whip up a batch of chili dogs and fries if I don't end up drunk off my ass.
Chopped down the part of a large (24"based) oak tree that was / ks threatening my main pump house, and bucked the part of the tree that I dropped.

Prepped to run the sand blaster for sunday as its to dang hot now. Have my precious crossmember to blast and maybe a D70HD rear axle.
Worked on neighbors trailer today, bent up from 2 trees falling on it, bout half done. Whacked a ground hog , in my chair life is good.
Worked from 0130 until 1215 today. Came home, ate, drank one beer, took a nap. Got up to get the kid up from his nap, played with him the rest of the afternoon, and just put him to bed.

Sipping a dram of Scotch right now before going to bed again soon, as I am working 0500-1200 tomorrow.
Made home made queso in the smoker. Drinking some silver bullets and learning about loading old pinfire shotshells.
in, have my boy for the night, we are waiting for the local fireworks to start to watch. First fourth of july to be "alone" in 18 years due to divorce. Glad i got my lil buddy with me its been a lil rough day for some reason.
Took the dog for a walk this morning, got caught in a heavy rain shower. other than that, we sat on the couch all day. Haven't bought fireworks in years. my two dogs that died last summer hated them. new dog don't care but just didn't' feel like buying any.
Winning actually 😋

I had today off, but still got paid for a full day :grinpimp:

Unlike many people during this pandemic crap, our life hasn’t changed very much. The one big change has been Mrs ability to work from home, which she has prayed for for years. We spent the past two days fine tuning her office space so it has a “Professional” look to it while she is in video meetings. We really hope the work from home becomes permanent, really no reason why it shouldn’t

Mrs is happy, I am happy 🥳
In, finished some light wiring on my old highboy and I've pretty much sat in the house the rest of the day drinking beer and listening to the dog try to scare the booms away.
In. Been fighting with the excursion all day. I'm pretty sure the Vehicle Security Module is fucked. :rolleyes:

Of course, you can't find a new one. Guess I'll get one from the junkyard on monday.
Took doggo to the dog park this morning, did some trim work finally...which involved buying a new Dewalt finish gun at Home Depot because my cheap ass Amazon one I bought shit the bed after two nails...:homer:
Just got done with dinner ( burgers and brats ), gonna make a fire and make some smores.
Kids were "Meh" about fireworks and all three stands I went to this afternoon were wiped clean, so we'll just listen/watch the neighbors.
did some trim work finally...which involved buying a new Dewalt finish gun at Home Depot

Tools... You can never have a bad reason to buy them. Mrs ordered a small Dewalt shop-vac because she didn’t want me using “stinky” in the house (old shop-vac has developed a funk), and I have a few projects to do in the house soon

The new one should be here Monday :grinpimp:
In. Washed the Hellcat today and took her for a spin to try out the new rear tires. Continental Extreme Contact. Discount put em at 40 psi. Shit was super squirrly. Took em down to 32 and its better. Hopefully they get a little stickier as they break in.

Took a 3 hour nap after that. Had a weird ass dream about being stuck in the middle of a BLM protest/riot.

Just cooked up some steak, mashed potatoes and green beans.

In my comfy chair now with a big glass of whiskey and Coke. Gonna watch a couple episodes of Ozark. I've seen all 3 seasons while working in my office, but the wifey hasn't watched any until last night. Episode 3 and 4 tonight. The gay stuff is coming. I'm sure she'll be shocked :eek:
Worked in my yard all day moving my projects around and mowing. Ran a few gallons of gas through the old forklift. Had to make a spot for the new parts donor bus I bought last night for my shortbus 4x4 project repower. Trapped two feral kittens and their mom while doing it. Mommy kitty is going to the humane society tomorrow to get fixed, I don't think she will be a tame kitty. The two kittens are young enough that they will be.
Mommy kitty is pissed. I'm afraid to take her out of the trap. I'll get her some water and food but she's not coming out until she gets to the humane society.
Smoked some brisket, worked on drywall in the shop, and then went out tonight and shoveled dirt into an eroded area at the pond.
In. Walked around the corner to my good buddy's house earlier for a small get together. Hung out and Ate some food with friends and watched his kids light off fireworks . After that I walked home and watched the fireworks - my neighborhood goes apeshit every year (they're still lighting them off @ 10:45 pm :laughing:). I'm spending tomorrow packing gear and getting ready for my road trip/camping/fishing adventure in northern WY, ID, and western CO. Heading out at 5:00 am Monday and won't be back until the 16th or 17th.
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