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4.7l Jeep Liberty, NY inspection compliant?


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May 20, 2020
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Heres the project I have in mind.

Take a Jeep Liberty and swap in an 2005 Dodge 4.7l, 6 speed manual trans and t case.

I currently own the driveline donor, a 2005 Dodge Dakota rust bucket. Complete, running and driving currently.

I want to find a Liberty shell to swap it over too, and hopefully retain the legal driving status with NY state inspections.

Currently NY state plugs into the OBD2 port and looks for any CELs (automatic fail) and otherwise its just a visual inspection.

Anyone have any insight on this venture?

You'll probably need to make sure that the donor chassis is not newer than the engine and that all the emissions parts up to the cats are in place.

Aaron Z
My LS2 powered Solstice passes. Make sure all the monitors have run. No CEL. Have someone change the ecm vin to match the vehicle vin.
Ok, that was my main concern, ecm matching. I didnt know you could change that info specifically.
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