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2020 Snake Thread.


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May 19, 2020
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Bolivar MO
Was working on this before it all went kaput.

Working near a den this summer and they are off the charts.

Everytime I find one I'll post it up.

For the record...I catch em and release them a few miles out on the same property. Well away from any goings on as so they can continue on with their business.
First one was a nice surprise. While it's still a baby it's a king

The second one is a baby as well...Well maybe a couple of years judging by the buttons.

Had it not been layin on a white background and just in the dirt I might not have seen it.

It was dark.
I left the king alone.

Would hope it sticks around and is not just passing through.

The other guy will get relocated
good you're relocating them. too many people have the idea "only good snake is a dead snake"
My dog found this bastard last week. Relocated him over the fence. :flipoff2:

Don't get me wrong.

If it were in my yard it would likely be dispatched...Kids and pets.

But maybe not.

This used to be a big field before they dropped a water plant on it.

Its the least we can do

Its kinda like when VS comes in and screws something up that worked just fine before they were there:laughing:
Did it lose its end at some point or is it the kind that doesn't maybe give you a warning:laughing:

These come with a muffler from the factory. If you don't see it first, you will regret it. :eek:
1st one of the year last week. All 4 dogs were going batshit under the porch next to the house. The Judge sentenced him to death.

We regularly have Black Rat snakes on our property. They help with the pests and I am happy to have them here.

The Copperhead that my wife just spotted near the chicken run on the other hand I am not! Unfortunately it scampered off before I could impress upon him my displeasure...Gonna have to keep out eyes open.!
all I seen is a ring snake in the rock pile next to my garden pretty sure it the same snake I have seen there in the past 4 years,
Had a very angry copperhead last night. It was in the middle of the county road in front of my driveway. I did not run it over. I gave it a chance to live. It went across the street away from my property.

This one got between my daughter and her Shorthair pointer a couple of years ago. I was about 1/2 mile away when I heard gun shots at the cabin. The neighbors were visiting with the girls while I was in the woods. They said that my daughter was playing in front of the dog on a tie out and the dog was barking and growling like she wanted to kill something. This was maybe 20 feet from the front door.

I will not bother one in the woods. When they get near the kennels, kid, or front door it is game over.

Rattlesnake is good eating though.

Chased this guy out of the front yard with the hose yesterday. It's rare that we spot a snake around here, let alone one of considerable size. The girlfriend wanted him dead, but he did no harm to me so I let him be.

Only garter snakes and rubber boas around here.
some 3’+ garters are common in my yard. I make rock piles and rottin log piles for the snakes and lizards if I clear out an area I think they are in. Snakes are fucking rad, even though many will fuck you up.

I will see if I can find a pic I got last year. Big garter with a HUGE toad in his mouth. I got a picture with said toad and found him the next day with said toad in his belly. :smokin:

edit found them




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Buddy of mine came across that in his yard last week.

Many years ago my oldest daughter and I (she was maybe 6-7yo at the time) were on the 4-wheeler by our creek. A smallish copperhead was right by where we stopped and was up on a sandbar that he would not have been able to go over

sitting there with 4-wheeler idling, and about 20-30 yards(not feet) a king snake comes into the path. He turns and is coming right down the middle of the path right toward us. He gets within a few feet, then turns and goes directly to the little copperhead. He comes up behind it, realizes he is behind, eases back down, comes up the other side and snatches him head first. HTF he knew right where it was from that far away, I have no idea
My wife, 4yo, and I were hiking near Twin Bridges yesterday and found a 4'+ rattlesnake on the trail yesterday. Glad the dog was on a leash.
We routinely see rat snakes of all sizes, copperheads, and a rattler a year. Couple weeks ago, I was futzin around with something on my trailer, looked down and there was great-granddaddy rat snake Right between my feet! I leapt over the rail of the trailer much quicker than I would have thought possible for me, looked back over, and he had turned his head up to look at me & I could SWEAR it was laughing at me.

Caught this little guy one evening under the steps, first King I have seen on our place.

This year is the first that I've seen a black rat snake at my place in 30 years, but over the last 5 days, I've relocated 8 of them 3-4' in length. Good to have around, but I don't like dodging them every time I leave the garage. They have all been docile, and there is one smart one I still can't catch. Strange though that all I have ever seen around here until this year were bulls snakes. Are they natural enemies or something?

Been a long while since I've seen a snake. Only thing we have here is Garters and the very rare Rubber Boa. I leave them be. Like spiders they are doing far more good than bad.
There's a set of snake gators for the sampling sites.

Aside from that if you/he gets it then he should have been paying better attention.
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