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2013 F-450 Oil Analysis


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May 20, 2020
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Placer County

Just a quick hello before I get into it. I spend my time in the Jeep section usually.
I recently had Blackstone Labs perform an oil analysis from my last oil change.

Unfortunately I don't have previous analysis, so this is the only data I have. I thought I might post it up in case anyone thought it might be of interest.

My driving style includes a lot of idling (I'll update with idle / run hrs) and a lot of long distance towing. Typically in the 10-15k range.
According to the report, the aluminum, chrome and iron levels are a little high.

Anyway, hello and sorry if this craps up the Ford section.

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The report says 7500 but it was closer to 6,000. I’ll have to go check what I wrote down on the filter.
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