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2000 F550 Trans


The Rock Breaker God
May 19, 2020
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More service truck issues ;(. We lost 5th in the transmission. There is no feel at all so I assume the shift fork broke. This truck has about 200k on it so I’m sure it’s time for a reman. Got a price from local tranny shop and he wanted 4800 for 1 year warranty 5400 for 3 year installed. I thought that was really steep to swap out a 1600-2000$ trans.

Where would you guys recommend getting a reman from? Me and a employee should be able to swap it out on a sat. Not a fan of dropping off a truck full of tools at a repair shop.
$1525 + 800 core. A week out. That’s not a bad price. Anything else I should get so I can get this done in a day? I just put a clutch in a year ago so that should be fine.
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