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1st gen taco rear shocks and brake line


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May 19, 2020
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Storm Mountain CO
I just got done with a 4" lift on my 1st gen taco. It's not going to be for wheeling, just my 7 mile dirt road commute.

Anyone have part numbers for an extended rear brake line and shocks? I figure it will be cheaper to just run some stock parts. Maybe something off a tundra or something.
Gabriel max control shocks are valved similarly to Bilstein shocks. The longest two shocks available are model # 77808 which has an 11.81" stroke and model # 77810 which has a 13.03" stroke.

As for an extended brake line for the rear use a Napa 36881. It threads into the stock line and is 11 inches long. I think the stock rubber line on the truck is 19”.
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Running Bilstein 33-230443 on the rear of my lifted Tacoma. I did have to change the bushings on one end to Energy Suspension 9.8108G
I found part number 66646 that seems to work for rear shocks. 25" long 15" compressed with the L3 eyelets.


I am getting them tomorrow and will report on what I think.

I am still looking for rear brake lines. I found one for a 2wd tacoma that would work, but the end is not exactly the same. Not sure I like Aisin's idea of combining brake lines. It would work tho...
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