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  1. CA Raptor rear shocks

    In Cali looking for raptor rear shocks. I have lots of 67-72 ford truck parts, some bronco parts and explorer parts to trade or cash for the right deal. Let me know what you got.
  2. DRM

    Upgraded Stock (Sachs) shocks in a Rzr 800s?

    Any suggestions on a budget friendly upgrade? Already tossed some 900XP rear Fox shocks on there, just need to figure out something for the front.
  3. 1st gen taco rear shocks and brake line

    I just got done with a 4" lift on my 1st gen taco. It's not going to be for wheeling, just my 7 mile dirt road commute. Anyone have part numbers for an extended rear brake line and shocks? I figure it will be cheaper to just run some stock parts. Maybe something off a tundra or something.
  4. CDA 455 II

    nOOB Question: Do I need 1ton shocks For Rear 1ton Axle swap?

    Baseline: Rig - '94 Ford Bronco XL 5.0L Rear axle - '87 Sterling 10.25 dually Leaf springs - '99.5 F-350 front springs Lift - Sky ORD 6" Current rear shocks - Bilstein 24-185530 B8 5100 Shocks Current cargo weight - Approx 500+lb of stuff Yesterday I installed OEM upper shock mounts so as to...
  5. DMANbluesfreak

    IL Skyjacker M95 Shocks (2x) 14" and (2x) 12" - $200 (will ship)

    Used for under 5000 miles on Ultimate Adventure 2020. The Skyjacker M95 shocks have monotube construction and internal bump stops for custom offroad and lifted truck applications. They work with traditional 1/2" bolts on each end. Two of them are 33.9" extended and 20.2" collapsed eye-to-eye...