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1970 Mail Jeep fuel tank ?


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Nov 11, 2020
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Only hard core here? This is hardly that.
Friend of a friend bought a 1970 mail jeep w/o a fuel tank.
He claims it's the only year with the 14 gal tank and cannot locate one.
Anyone know if the sending unit voltage is the same for all the old jeeps?
Curious if I can get a tank with similar dimensions from a different jeep and wire it up.
It's for his daughter who is taking it off to college and I want her fuel gauge to work.
Thanks for any help.
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Might have to make a new tank out of sheet metal if a replacement is not available. CJ's used the same gauge set, so most likely they have the same sensor range as a CJ of that era. A CJ gas tank may fit, also, or at least take fewer modifications than fabricating a new tank. Might be a simple thing like a fuel filler neck diameter or location difference that can be corrected before gas goes in the new tank by maybe a muffler shop welding in a new diameter filler neck.

Hope this helps!
Thanks man.
He ordered a new tank and will test fit it once in arrives.
I'll help him mount it and all the BS if everything is in the right place.
I can't imagine not finding one that will work.
I appreciate the voltage info, that should do it!
Wait...... just to be clear. Your 'friend of a friend" is sending his daughter off to college in a FIFTY YEAR OLD vehicle and the thing you're most worried about is the gas gauge? That POS is flat out worn out. Ball joints, U joints, shocks, tie rod ends, piston rings, valve guides and seals, carb, everything is flat our worn out. Gas gauge? :lmao:
I have never met them but they asked me to help since they know I'm a fabricator and have built jeeps in the past.
She WANTS that jeep.
"Off to college" is two hours away from home.
I agree with you. I wouldn't send my kid off to college in that old thing either.
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