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10% done with rona? How many of the people do you know who have had it?


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May 19, 2020
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Started thinking about how many people I know who have had it already vs. how many people I know and then looked at numbers here and it kind of jived:
If you conservatively look at the cumulative cases on there and guess that only twice as many people have had it as were reported on there, 10% of the US has already had it
15mil reported cases so at least 30mil people have had it, pop of US is 328mil. Similar story for my neighbors to the south in WI, MI is only ~5%.

Seems like the end of tunnel light is in view?

Edit: 1/3 of the people at my work have had it, 1/2 of the parents of kids at our daycare, 1/4 of my wifes co-workers, a few friends had it. Lost taste and smell for a few days, bad headache for a day. One of my inlaws friends died from it, older guy but in good shape until then.
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I am in regular contact with 1. I know (as in have there phone numbers and would call maybe 2 other). I know of, (fiends dad, etc.) 2 others.
How many of the people do you know who have had it?


have had 3 people in our plant test positive but i didn't know them.
4 confirmed.... one had it bad but recovered fine. other 3 were just run down and lost sense of taste.
Myself and my 2 brothers have had it. I was the worst by far because I didn't have to guess if I had it, I was actually sick with a mild flu, they had loss of taste & smell only. A friend had it too, I know a pile that have had it. Is that I think of it. Probably a dozen or so?
I personally know of at least 7 that have had it, including myself, my wife and daughter. Son tested positive, but had 0 symptoms. It kicked my butt for a little over a week, same with my wife. The 4 day migraine, fever and body aches were the worst for me. I never lost taste/smell but the wife did.
Our daughter had to go to the ER twice due to dehydration issues. Her's was more like the normal flu, just cranked to 11.
Everyone I know has gotten over it fairly quickly with no real issues.
More important question. How many people do you know that died from it. I know lots that had it. My step mother's son was hospitalized. (He is diabetic and overweight), but I still have yet to know anyone that died.
Seventy year old uncle had it, one other in-law died from it (also 70+ y/o). I hear people around town talking about peeps they know that have had it. :smokin:
3, two are in their 60's one of which has a history of heart issues, both have recovered fine. Third person currently has it, and will be fine I'm sure. This whole fucking thing is a God damn scam!
I know six who have had it. My wife and I and our two sons. Oldest son faired the worst with a hospital stay. Lost two cousins to it. Not here to argue that it is or isn’t just the flu. Flu kills people every year too.
I know a few. One had a rough go. She was intubated back in April for a week. She is young and without health issues. She just came back to work in September part time.
I have personally known 6 people.
I "know" quite a few through work. I'm in construction and we've been working full speed this entire time so there's been a lot of exposure. Between employees and other trades on our jobs, I'd say easily 50. Outside of work, at least a dozen that we know well, two dozen more that we know but not well. Of all the deaths locally that have been attributed to covid, I know 4 of them through employees or friends of friends. All 4 of them were older and/or had pre-existing conditions.

Our area has seen a lot of positives in the last couple weeks.
People that have had it are 5x-20x the number confirmed and counted. So 14 million US cases x 5 = 70 million in the US. That’s 22% of the US population conservatively.
I have been told by 2 acquittances that they have had it. a third person is someone I have met a few times. He was my neighbors best friend. Only known health condition is high blood pressure, not even 50 years old. Died 2 weeks ago while attached to a ventilator in Salinas, CA .

The company I work for happens to be in the most active zip code in Sacramento county currently, I think my lunch is going to be a little long, because I might drive a little farther for lunch break.
I know 15+ people that tested positively for it. 4 of them I saw over Tday and I continue to be negative according to my lady who gets tested often for work.
16, 9 Confirmed, 1 hospitalized recovered, 1 death.
One of our friends in Illinois tested positive for antibodies couple months ago.
I know of three people from the local pool hall who have had it. That's it.
3 onna good day, but the test statts are most likley b.s..
No friends or family have had it.
Maybe 10 at work in a yard that employs 500+? No one in our shop has gotten it.
No deaths.
A bunch. Just found out wife's coworker has it so if it's as super contagious as we are told we probably got it. I felt a bit off yesterday but fine today, not sure if its my normal feeling shitty or teh covid. Now we have to go a week or so without human contact, im good with that.
Wife, both kids and I all currently have it. So do 3 of my buddies and their wives and kids. We are all mostly ok. 12 other of my friend group have had. Also the group of 65-72 yo friends from church have had it, 13 in total of them. Only one of them had trouble with it that lingered. 2 others got broncitis/pneumonia or something of the like, the one with longer problems is just now, 2.5 months later able to work for more than 10 min without about going down. Sounds like our own member here that was affected longer than normal. I personally know one 65 year old ex smoker that died from it. Quickly. Like sub a week from no biggie to dead. The rest of us have been mostly ok. I'm just tired, and 3 days of brain fog over the weekend. In a town of 5500 people, maybe 1/4 have had. We get an email from the school every day that our son was in contact with a positive person, both had masks on, don't worry about it and keep going. Our son is obviouslyl out of school for 10-15 days. I like how our school is doing it, if you are sick, go home. If not, go to class. In person is best. Hell he was doing gym class via online yesterday and the teacher was making sure he was doing his sit ups and pushups.
At the moment I know 5 with it. 10 that had it. Two passed with it. One was older with complications. One was in his early 30s with no known health issues. Pneumonia set up and took him.
I don't know a single person who has had Covid-19.

Won't be long though. It's been spreading through my area at an exponential rate since everything re-opened, especially schools.
I know one person first hand that tested positive. They feel just fine. A bit of a cold is all.

Everyone else is a friend of a coworker's sister or whatever.
Sixteen clients...Sis and B-I-L ... he's still on O2 ... and 88y/o Dad ... who has fared the best of all!
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