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01 Dodge truck headlight wiring help


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May 23, 2020
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Jackson NY
I have an 01 2500, 5.9 reg cab 4x4 truck with the single headlight bulbs. My problem is that I have no high beams. I installed new headlights when I got the truck a month ago (didn't have highs then either) Low beams work fine. I installed a new multifunction switch on the column, same status. I have narrowed it down to the highs not getting the ground activated when the switch is toggled. I ran a wire to the ground on the headlight plug and they come on :) It's a shared ground between high and low but some where along the way the ground is broken on the high side. What I'm looking for is a wiring diagram from the multiswitch to the light plug. Or a place where I can buy/borrow a schematic. Once I know which wire in the multi switch needs to make a circuit I can run a new wire to the ground with a diode in line. Thank you,
Figured there is more traffic here than in the Dodge section
autozone website has wiring diagrams...may have to register

I can get you diagrams from alldata but need the vin...
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I can't get anywhere there, their website sucks. It lists the diagrams but when I click ....nothing
Hope this helps ​​​​​​
Doe sthe hi beam indicator work in the dash? That info will eliminate half the circuit one way or the other...
Thanks yoszi!
4x4mech, no the indicator light does not work. ETA: looks like the ground at connector 21 isn't grounding and if that's the case, if I get it to ground then the high beam indicator should start to work too.
I'll have to delve back into it tomorrow.
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FWIW since the indicator doesn't work, and neither do the high beams, that means the problem >HAS< to be between S106 and G206. You wouldn't believe the number of times I've >amazed< my boss by looking at a wiring diagram and listening to the customer's list of issues, then stating that "X" is the problem. Boss says "How'd you figure that?" Easy, it's the only thing common to all of the problems, by refering to the wiring diagram. I can't get him to look a diagram up to save my ass, it's the >FIRST< thing I usually do on an electrical problem... :mad3:

Oh, and I'd investigate S106 first if it were me, it's outside the cab and therefore more likely to be subject to damage... :smokin:
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Well I un. ravled the loom this morning back to the fuse box, I have narrowed it down to from there to the large connector under the dash. That big connector has corrosion on the spades so I bought some electrical connector spray today. My back is totally fubar's so I'm not sure when I will be able to continue to work on it.
One thing I didn't mention is that it also has a Fisher plow on it, two plug. Next time out there I will unplug the plow harness and try that. It's amazing how dirty and greasy the wiring harness is after only 20 years...LOL
I was able to download a complete schematic set (2800 pages) so now I have the pin I need to check on the bulkhead connector.
Thanks for the support so far.
First let me thank you all again. It turned out to be pin 5 on the firewall connector that had some corrosion and rust, an emery board and some electrical cleaner and all is well. I still don't have a high beam indicator on the dash and the bulb looks OK but I'm going to pick up a new one anyway. If it doesn't solve it, oh well.
I have a little device I built years ago that uses a 9v battery and a small speaker to check continuity. I used that and some of my wife's straight pins (all the gay ones refused to penetrate the wire)
Again thanks and if anyone wants/needs the schematic link let me know, it's 2800 pages :) It's a zip file but very thorough.
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